Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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I have two little guys, one of whom is still considered a toddler, my other a Pre-Schooler. And when they eat they make a mess! Especially my two year old. He enjoys his food immensely, sometimes even rubbing it all over his face and head. Maybe this is how he eats less calories?
We had bought probably about 6 months or so ago, two splat mats. These are big thick plastic mats with some character on them that you put under your mess making kids chair to save your flooring. We had a Dora one, and a Spongebob one. They did the job, but the cost us about $7 a piece. Which to me, is a lot for a piece of colored plastic. The ones we had, sorely needed to be replaced. They had stains on them, and had been shredded in places by our cat.
We couldn't "exactly" remember where we had picked them up last time, but thought it was Target. Which of course it wasn't, or they stopped carrying them. Anyway, the only thing they had was a box of disposable splat mats. Thin and I mean THIN plastic with Pooh Bear on them. There were six to a package. But we would probably have to spend about $5 every couple of weeks to replace them.
So instead, we decided to get one of Targets CUTE easter tableclothes! They are thick, they have flannel backing so they don't slip on my carpet. We cut it in half, and put one under each chair. The one we got is striped with blues and lavenders, so more spring than Eastery. And even better?!?! It only cost us $2.99!!!
What a DEAL, and it WORKS for me!

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