Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fundraiser or Benefit

In light of several things, one of which being Heathers most current update, and also the post over at Boomama's I have been inspired (and hopefully) led by God to contribute in my own way. As most of you know, I think... I own my own Event Planning business. God gave me this, and with the help of Heather, I got started. Heather gave me the shove I needed to get started, and for a short while, was my business partner. If I can use what God has blessed me with to help her family out, than thats what I aim to do.
I know Boomama is working on putting together a paypal fund for Heather. Which is AWESOME! GO BOOMAMA! My thoughts, that have been circulating in my brain since yesterday or so, are that I want to either organize and coordinate some sort of Benefit Function, and have all proceeds go to Heather and her family, or find a willing Christian Artist (I have already contacted Casting Crowns, and am waiting for a reply) to participate in a Benefit Concert. I am working on researching the hows and whats need to happen to make this a reality. So, if you know anyone, or anything about this sort of thing, leave me a comment with your email, or email me! I know everything has been moving so fast for Heather and Mark, but I would love to see this happen sometime this summer as I know they will need continued financial support from as many avenues as possible to ease the burden on their family.
Thanks in advance!


By the grace of God ... said...

I don't have any suggestions YET, but do offer my assistance in this. Just let me know -- I am also a Tupperware consultant -- not very active, but if you wanted to set up a fundraiser -- I will donate the entire profits to them, keeping nothing. This can be done online too. My email is

What about an online auction with fellow bloggers donating items for raffle? It might not raise a ton -- but every penny counts!!

Anonymous said...

Big hugs to you... Thank you. Thats all I can say. I am overwhelmed right now with all of this- I never in my wildest dreams thougth I would be where i am.. and I never thought the internet would reach so vastly to help me...

Thank you :)