Wednesday, April 4, 2007


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I think this is the one for the car tips! So, I have already posted the tip about our restaurant coupon folder that we now keep in the car. Which has worked great for us. The last couple of times we knew we were going to grab lunch on the way somewhere, we have had a lot of good coupons to choose from!
Anyway, long road trips with little ones can be really hard. And while I think it is an option in our car now, (Dodge Durango) I don't think having the entertainment system (dvd player) was when we got ours a couple of years ago. I had thought about having it installed last year before I drove the boys to Texas to visit grandparents. But couldn't decide for the life of me whether to get the back of the headrest ones, one right in the middle hanging down, having two hanging down... you get the idea. I know Damon has thoughts on where to put them. Anyway, I then realized I already had a portable Entertainment System! My laptop. It plays DVD's and since our car has power outlets in various places, I can plug it in and I set it between the two front seats on the middle console! The boys can see everything perfectly, its loud enough for them to hear, and I can still listen to the radio or a CD should I choose.
I know that after we have the new baby in July (30th hopefully) that my oldest will get moved to the last row to make room for the baby. And at that point I may just have to get a system put in. But for now, it Works for ME!!!

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MotoMom said...

Love all the power outlets! My kids love to read in the car or play gameboy. Good thinking using the laptop.