Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Oh So Fashionable Chain Letter

Tell me, who wouldn't be tempted by the promise of $800,000 mailed to you daily within the next 90 days? I would love to receive the cash, even if it was in $1 increments. And I guess I would then be forced to buy a MUCH larger handbag to tote it around in.

Thats right folks, I have been chain lettered, and lo and behold, I am breaking it as we speak. I have gotten this particular one 3 times in the last 4 months. Twice from the same woman. Who apparently has not made her mountain of cash, or she wouldn't be sending the letter so often. On the other hand, maybe it is working so incredibly well for her that she does it once a month.

I am tempted, but I have researched the heck out of it. Apparently this originated from some man named Dick Hollman. He was broke, at his wits end, car in the process of being repo'd when he stumbled unwittingly upon the proverbial cash cow. He started THE LETTER. Sending it to 200 people with 6 names on it (which apparently is what makes this one SO DIFFERENT!) you send a $1 to each of the 6 names, drop the top name off, add your name to the bottom, and sit back and watch the cash flood your mail box. And it looks to be a teensy bit illegal. A scam if you will.

I am trying at this moment to find SOMEONE REAL who will tell me about their experience with it. Just out of curiosity. Because, while it may have worked for one person, there is no guarantee it is going to work for anyone else.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Spirit Abounds In My House

I LOVE Christmas. Its one of my favorite times of the year, and even living in the armpit of America can't take that away. I love the decorations and the lights. All the yummy Christmas treats add to my joy! Although I prefer to bake and give it away. I have been in and out of blogging lately, getting everything prepared for Thanksgiving gave me plenty of material, but no time!
Then today I came across the 5 Minutes For Mom Christmas giveaway!

Christmas Giveaway 2007 Sweepstakes

It ends today, but you STILL have time to check out the prizes and enter some of them too! There are so many great items, and all useful!

So Thanksgiving, loads of fun. I got to make all my favorites, Turkey, cranberry stuffing, mashed potatoes full of sour cream and cheddar cheese, rolls, and OH the DESSERTS!! Chocolate Cream Pie, Double Layer Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Pretzel Salad, and a Pumpkin Roll. And Train Junkie had his traditional bowl of Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese. Just like the kind the Indians introduced to the Pilgrims. And I thank them every time he asks for a healthy bowl full or processed cheese and starch.

Little Guy, of course, ate EVERYTHING I put in front of him. Although you would never know it to look at this kid.

All in all, it was a good day, a little sad since hubby is deployed, and we really miss him. But every day I mark off on the calendar puts him a little closer to us. I am so thankful that I have a wonderful family and a loving hubby, sweet kids, and good friends. We are very blessed in spite of a lot of things. And I am especially thankful that even though hubby is deployed, he is someplace OTHER than Iraq...

Monday, November 12, 2007

You Likey The New Look??

I have been trying to add Google Adsense to my blog for sometime now, but could never get it to work. And a friend of mine has been telling me how she makes a couple hundred extra dollars a month with the Firefox dowload button, (yeah thats it over there on the side, go ahead, download it!! You get faster intenet and I get a $1!)so I decided to try and install it. Now as most of my friends already know, I am slow in the bloggy knowledge department. All that coding makes my brain feel like MUSH!
So I emailed my good friend who designed my original look for help. She tried, got the same results I did and that led us to decide to CHANGE my whole look!!
And since I am in PINK overload since having a sweet baby girl, this is what we came up with.
I appreciate my dear friend for coming to my rescue and revamping my look! Thanks!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Next Crocodile Hunter?

To all my 8 readers, I apologize for being MIA for so long. Our days around here have been filled with spending time together and staying on top of keeping my house clean.
This deployment has been hard on my Little Guy so I have been trying to keep him occupied and feeling loved. The time is going by quickly thankfully. And after much waiting we know where we are moving next July! We are heading North, which makes us REALLY happy. I have missed living where there are actual seasons. Its so nasty and hot here in the armpit, although it has finally gotten chilly. This time next year, there will be SNOW in our front yard. Both the boys are excited about making snow angels and going sledding. And a White Christmas!
The other night we were winding down from a busy day and I decided to turn on Crocodile Hunter for the boys. Its one of their favorites and since I have been so disappointed by not seeing an alligator here, this is how I get my fix.
Steve Irwin was tracking a 9 ft croc and Train Junkie was getting very excited. His eyes were dancing and there was a big grin on his face. The camera panned and got a good close-up of the big reptile and my 3, almost 4 yr old leaned forward and with awe in his voice said "Ooooooh isn't it BE-UT-Tiful?? Hes my BAAAAYBEEE...."
Ummmm what?

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Oh, and here is a new pic of The Princess and Little Guy!

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Can someone please explain to me, why it is SO easy to go overboard buying little girl clothes?!?! I have to control myself daily!