Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Oh So Fashionable Chain Letter

Tell me, who wouldn't be tempted by the promise of $800,000 mailed to you daily within the next 90 days? I would love to receive the cash, even if it was in $1 increments. And I guess I would then be forced to buy a MUCH larger handbag to tote it around in.

Thats right folks, I have been chain lettered, and lo and behold, I am breaking it as we speak. I have gotten this particular one 3 times in the last 4 months. Twice from the same woman. Who apparently has not made her mountain of cash, or she wouldn't be sending the letter so often. On the other hand, maybe it is working so incredibly well for her that she does it once a month.

I am tempted, but I have researched the heck out of it. Apparently this originated from some man named Dick Hollman. He was broke, at his wits end, car in the process of being repo'd when he stumbled unwittingly upon the proverbial cash cow. He started THE LETTER. Sending it to 200 people with 6 names on it (which apparently is what makes this one SO DIFFERENT!) you send a $1 to each of the 6 names, drop the top name off, add your name to the bottom, and sit back and watch the cash flood your mail box. And it looks to be a teensy bit illegal. A scam if you will.

I am trying at this moment to find SOMEONE REAL who will tell me about their experience with it. Just out of curiosity. Because, while it may have worked for one person, there is no guarantee it is going to work for anyone else.

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Lois E. Lane said...

Oh my word...I haven't seen one of those in years!