Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Am A Proud Parent....

For the moment, my boys favorite movie is Cars. So we watch it at least once a day. And I say at least very loosely. They sit and laugh through it each and every time. Sometimes I can hear Train Junkie repeating lines or singing along. Which I have to say makes me smile.
Now they have started doing something that absolutely cracks me up. See, last Christmas Little Guy got one of those GIANT Tonka dump trucks, and this year received the equally large green John Deere Tractor. From I want to say an Aunt and Uncle he got another only slightly smaller Tonka dump truck. And they also have a horse on wheels that was mine when I was a little girl. They were once again getting their daily dose of Cars this morning, when I came back downstairs from putting the Princess down for her nap. I walk into the living room and see the boys putting each of those on their ends. You know, like the tractors in Cars when Mater and Lightning go tractor tipping. I laughed out loud.
On a more educational front, I am proud to say that my Little Guy knows that Poopy starts with the letter P and Toot starts with the letter T. Learning is fundamental. Could I be any prouder?!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Bucket List

I am sure most of you have seen the previews for the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman called The Bucket List. I really don't intend on seeing it any time soon, but when I was listening to the radio today on the way to take Train Junkie to school, one of the stations was having people call in and say what was on their bucket list, you know the things you want to do before you "Kick the bucket!"
Which made me laugh a little and then mentally compile a list in my head!
So I thought I would share it with all of my internet friends here and see how many of you make one to share too. I am only going to list 5, you can list as many as you like!

1. Hubby and I enjoy antiquing, so I think we would like to travel all over the US just visiting Antique stores, looking for Wedgewood, which we enjoy collecting together!

2. Sing the National Anthem at some sort of Sporting Event, like a NHL game or a NBA game.

3. Audition for a Broadway Show (even though I can't dance AT ALL!)

4. Go on a 3 mo Mission Trip to somewhere (Wherever we were called)

5. Design my own line of Wedding Gowns

So whats on yours? Leave me a comment telling me you did one and I will come check it out!

On the family front, we are all doing pretty good. Issues have been resolved, my misunderstanding was fixed which was such a blessing!

Hubby and his ship are not coming back until the end of deployment. Which makes us so sad here.

Train Junkie is settling back in school for the remainder of the year, and Little Guy is about to turn 3! I can't believe it. I am planning on taking him to the Monster Truck show for his birthday. Which on one hand will be a lot of fun for our little family, but on the other hand I have been informed I am INSANE for doing it! Oh well, I can't wait to see his eyes light up when we go. And I know that even though it won't be TRAINS, Train Junkie will have fun too. And The Princess has 2 teeth! What a sweet beautiful girl she is too. I have been so blessed with awesome kids and I thank God everyday for them!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Need To Fix Something I Said

It would appear that my MIL (Mamaw to the boys) stumbled upon my blog. Not that I was trying to hide it from anyone. Anyway in the post below this one I wrote we had a huge disappointment, followed by my saying my in laws were coming. I in no way was trying to say that was the disappointment. We were disappointed that hubby was not coming home as we thought he was. We were not in anyway disappointed they came. I am so sad that this was taken that way, and I am afraid I have really hurt her. I am apologizing to you all if you took it that way. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to mend what I accidentally broke???