Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well That Explains A Lot

I had called my parents last night to chat about their heat wave. It was 103 yesterday in Portland, thats normal for a lot of places. However, since Oregon is not one of them, most homes don't have central air! SO thankful for our nice mild summer. Which I have to say we are rather deserving of since we living in Florida for 4 years! No wonder I love it here! Is it strange that I can't wait for it to snow? And poor hubby is sad because he will miss our entire winter. TJ asks daily if he can pray and ask Jesus to make it snow the next day.
In the course of our conversation, my Dad was thrilled to hear I had picked up a job to make birthday cakes and cupcakes for a party. I was telling him about my plans on decorations for them, although I know I have a long way to go in learning how to do all the really awesome things so many cake decoraters can do. My dad then proceeded to tell me that his Dad, my grandpa, was a CAKE DECORATER! He worked in a bakery and decorated the wedding and birthday cakes. News to me! Not to mention 3 of my dads 4 sisters are artistic, and his Great Grandmother, (I think) used to sing on the radio!
Its so cool to hear about ancestors and be able to tie in where certain traits and talents have come from.

So which side of the family are your talents from?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yeah, I'm not very good at this

Talk about lax. I have been a bad blogger! And its not like I don't have time to write something, its merely a matter of taking the time to gather my thoughts into something coherent enough people might want to read!
We have had an awesome summer so far. We went to visit family in Texas, and had a blast. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, playing outside, fishing, and even saw a snake up close and personal. As in when we got up one morning, a rat snake had made its way onto the back porch. Hubby caught it in a rubbermaid container, sorry Mamaw! The look on TJ's face was priceless. I guess I should change his nickname to something snake related? All in all, it was a fantastic trip.
Being there also brought to light how much we missed having a dog. Yes, I know, we had a chihuahua and then rehomed it. For some reason, it seems that we have a hard time having a normal pet. Most of our cats have been crazy, our first dog was a half basset, half blue heeler. Bet you can't guess which personality was prominent? That dog was INSANE! There was no potty training that puppy. When we moved to Oregon, Milton went with us, but went from being an inside dog, to an outside dog. Poor thing. It was so sad. So we ended up rehoming him to a farm. Where for now, he is much happier. Then came Bandit. The 5yr old Chihuahua who hated Hubby, and Little Guy. So much so that his M.O. was to continually pee on their stuff. It got to the point that Hubby couldn't leave any thing on the floor for any amount of time. Plus Bandit was living out his little existence under our couch. So off he went to a new home, and oddly enough, he ended right back in Florida.
Where does that leave us now? With a boy cat named Opal, and a St. Bernard named Aigneis. I think we may have finally found the perfect pet. Aigneis is a big floppy girl who doesn't mind when the Princess pulls her ears, or when Little Guy rolls all over her.
The Princess also had her 2nd birthday party. So much fun, we had it at The Little Gym. It was a Hawaiian theme. I can't get over how much she has grown in the last year. Now if we could only get that girl potty trained!
The sad news is that Hubby is at training for 60 days, for his 9 months in Iraq. Completely and totally stinks. We are missing him like crazy. This all means that I will have a lot of me time in the evenings. And have made some plans for things I want to get accomplished. There is a great opportunity for Military spouses to get some money for school. I would love to take some business courses. With the bakery on hold until Hubby comes back, its a great time to get some online classes in.
And while its not obvious here, I love to write. Quite a while back, before the kiddos came along, I wanted to write. I started a work of historical/Sci-Fi fiction, with what I think is a great story line. And yet somehow 3 kids, and 1 and a half businesses later, it hasn't progressed very far. I think I want to work on finishing it. There are also some Bridezilla/Event Planning, Navy wife tales floating around in my head. Which would have to be written in a Nanny Diaries way to protect the innocent and the not so innocent!
As well as working on whatever orders I can get that are bakery related.
Life should be fairly busy for the next year. I think I also neglected to mention TJ will be starting school in a month. Wow.
I hope to write here a lot more often, I will also be starting a Bakery Blog. Lets see how long I can keep that up!