Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well That Explains A Lot

I had called my parents last night to chat about their heat wave. It was 103 yesterday in Portland, thats normal for a lot of places. However, since Oregon is not one of them, most homes don't have central air! SO thankful for our nice mild summer. Which I have to say we are rather deserving of since we living in Florida for 4 years! No wonder I love it here! Is it strange that I can't wait for it to snow? And poor hubby is sad because he will miss our entire winter. TJ asks daily if he can pray and ask Jesus to make it snow the next day.
In the course of our conversation, my Dad was thrilled to hear I had picked up a job to make birthday cakes and cupcakes for a party. I was telling him about my plans on decorations for them, although I know I have a long way to go in learning how to do all the really awesome things so many cake decoraters can do. My dad then proceeded to tell me that his Dad, my grandpa, was a CAKE DECORATER! He worked in a bakery and decorated the wedding and birthday cakes. News to me! Not to mention 3 of my dads 4 sisters are artistic, and his Great Grandmother, (I think) used to sing on the radio!
Its so cool to hear about ancestors and be able to tie in where certain traits and talents have come from.

So which side of the family are your talents from?

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sarahgrace said...

That's so cool!
I know for me, my artistic talents come from both sides. My mother is a sculptor, and my dad is a pretty gifted draftsman. My grandmother is also very artistic, and one of my grandfathers was quite the craftsman. I've got a little musical talent from many sides as well. :-)