Friday, March 6, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

My kids are growing up way too fast. Train Junkie, or The BIG boy as he likes to refer to himself sometimes, lost his first tooth this past week. He has been wiggling it for almost a month now, and I was beginning to wonder if that thing would EVER come out. Finally last week it got really loose. He could move it back and forth with his tongue, but if you approached him with a plan to pull it, he would run from the room yelling "NOOOOOO!! Don't TOUCH IT!!" And who could blame him? Hubby seemed to think it was hilarious to chase him around with various tools, with the promise it would "just take a minute" and there wouldn't be hardly any blood...

It came out on its own one night, which was an enormous relief. I was so worried it would come out in his sleep and he would swallow it.

We also had Little Guys 4th birthday party. The theme was Pokemon. Big surprise there. It would appear that Little Guy resembles Daddy in more then looks. He could have cared less it was his party. Cool, calm and collected. While his brother who is 5, followed him around OPENING his gifts for him saying "Hey look at this one, don't you want to open your presents?!?!"

And our Princess seems to be growing the quickest. She is talking, and jumping, and this morning I found her with a Capri Sun, she had opened the straw, put it in the pouch and was happily drinking it. With no help from her brothers. WHEN did this happen?! She is only 20 mos right now. My baby is growing up...

This morning, I also decided that if I have to follow my boys instructions, I will no longer occasionally enjoy a bowl of Cookie Crisp (which is NEVER, I eat grown up cereal, with lots of bran...) The Princess usually gets her bowl without any milk since thankfully she has not mastered the spoon on her own, and inevitably the bowl ends up on the floor. Which is not too bad since my two boys are like puppies, in that they then scurry over and eat the cereal. Leaving my floors spotless, and less for me to clean up... Anyway, they came to me on the couch and each had a handful of delicious, I mean sugar filled and unhealthy, little cookies. And then proceeded to rub each one on their face before popping it in their mouth. Um, what?! When asked about it, I was informed they had to "wash" thier face with each one before eating it. If thats the case, NO THANKS! I have a hard enough time maintaining my youthful complexion with out reliving my teen years.