Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Slaves To Trains

As many of you know, trains are the ruling favorite of a certain 3 yr old in our house. It is constant and all consuming. Everything and anything is subject to becoming a train at any given moment. We have tried to teach him his full name, you know, first middle and last. But if you call him that, he says "No, I am just N**H The Big Boy Engineer of Fast Trains" Which would be a great name should he decide to become a wrestler of some sort. He loves, no, let me rephrase that LOVES freight trains, and when it is available OnDemand (or as I call it, OnOccasion) he wants to watch it all day long. Its this incredibly long and boring documentary on the History Channel OnDemand about Freight Trains. Puts me in a coma in minutes.
Thomas holds a special place in his heart, but at this time Thomas is NOTHING in comparison to his new (old, but re-found) train video. We were cleaning out closets and repacking boxes for our inter-complex move to a lower level entrance townhome, and we came across a box with VHS videos in it. And there on top was the video that I am sure Mamaw (My MIL) bought for the train junkie. Its called Fast Trains, and is this cheesy 30 minute video about, you guessed it, trains. And since its unearthing Sunday, Train Junkie has watched it at least 17 times. If he could rewind and rewatch all day long, he would. But I make him take a break, he can watch 2 times in a row, then it goes off for a while and he needs to go play for a while in the playroom. At night, it goes into its box and resides by his side in his bed. Yes, in addition to the SEVERAL hard metal trains, a big plastic elephant and one airplance, Train Junkie now sleeps with a VHS video. Maybe so he can absorb the video into his brain in his sleep. I am hoping that if he sleeps with it long enough, it will just be on a constant loop in his head and I won't have to play it anymore.
As for my Little Guy, he has spent the morning back and forth between me, his brother and the incredibly fascinating GI-NORMOUS roach hanging out on my ceiling. I am not even going to attempt to get it. I am 35 weeks pregnant. And short. So I don't really see myself standing on a chair and trying to stretch and reach to get it. And so while we wait for hubby to get home, my Little Guy has named it Ant, or The Bug, and has carried on a very elaborate conversation with me about how its a nice bug, "Its very BEWTIFUL, and will not steal my milk cup, mommy!" and how its sad and misses its "famwee"
I have been trying to movitate myself to finish what I need to do online, not fall asleep, endure some contractions, and since I have cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast, I have some baking to work on. But that requires standing, which requires dealing with the INTENSE pressure in my pelvic area, not to mention encourages an extremely quick rush of fluid to my bladder and cause me to run to the bathroom. Which is why I am still sitting here. Imagine that.
What is going on in your house today?

Monday, June 25, 2007

MPM here I am again

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Due to going out of town last week, and not having to worry about dinners, I let hubby do that... I didn't post anything last week for a menu. And it left me feeling slight incomplete. But I am ready to jump back into menu planning. I am hoping to get some things put together in the next couple of weeks or so to freeze in preparation for the new baby to be! On the other hand my MIL will be here, so maybe she can be talked into cooking... I will let you know how that turns out.
So here we go!
Monday: Leftover Chicken Enchiladas from yesterday
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Dump and Go Cheesy Chicken (have NEVER gotten to this one!)
Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Thursday: Hotdogs for the boys, sandwich for me (hubby has watch today)
Friday: Pizza Pancakes (haven't had these in a while!)

Nothing too exciting, I am usually so worn out by dinner time, I like things to be simple these days!

In Which A Phone Gets Zapped

My hubby, who for the most part, is against all this "oversharing" of personal life, has been bugging me to share this story with all of blogger-ville. Which is odd to say the least. When I was enjoying the California Sunshine, he called one morning and told me the story and then informed me I could put it on my Blog so people would laugh and leave me comments. He loves to hear the comments.
I could write a whole post about how he is AGAINST blogs, but wants me to read my favorites to him, but instead I will humor hubby and share with you all about the strangeness that is THE CELL PHONE!
As I am sure my audience of 3 remembers, not too long ago, hubby was overseas with his ship in the Scotland area. Right before he left, his cell phone (Verizon issued) started acting up. Its your basic flip phone and when you flipped it up all you could see was a blue screen. No pics, no list of phone numbers, and when you called someone, you had to hope you were putting the numbers in right. When he was overseas, and OUT OF AREA the pic came back. No more blue screen. Hubby was elated to say the least. Well, the minute they got back with in range, the screen went blue again. We took it, and my phone, which was also acting up, into the Verizon store. And may I just say that I am always impressed with the lovely service people at Verizon. As opposed to Cingular where the last time I had a problem the two twits who worked there basically ignored me and worked on a customers account who wasn't even in the store! So while Verizon fixed mine, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with hubbys. Their suggestion was to send it in, and get a free ($50 fee of course for sending it in) phone from the insurance. We held onto the phone.
About a week later, his battery died and he plugged it in to charge, turned it back on and the pic came back again. Don't hold your breath though, it did not last! It got turned off again and stayed that way for a while.
So there I was, relaxing in the cool balmy 70 degrees that is Los Angeles (I have to remind myself every now and then so I can forget the humidity here) when hubs calls and tells me how he fixed his phone. He was messing with it, because he is a guy, and has therefore apparently been blessed with the ability to understand and fix all things electronic. I let him live in his dreamworld occasionally. Anyway, he started thinking about how when it was out of area, it worked. So he started walking around our house trying to find a place that did not get a signal. Which is a lot of places actually. Although not the black hole our house was when we lived on the base. And I had to perch on the arm of the couch at a 90 degree angle with my head cocked to the side in order to talk to my parents for 10 minutes before I lost the ever roving signal.
For whatever reason, hubby decided that the kitchen would be a good place to look for low signals and then had the BRILLIANT idea that he should put his phone in the MICROWAVE. So he turned off the phone, placed it in the Microwave, turned it back on and shut the door. It worked. The pic came back and there was no more strangely mocking blue screen! So the next time you have a problem with your cell phone, just put it in the microwave. Its all very scientific you know.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Making Money

I know I have mentioned before that I signed up and have been occasionally writing posts for make money blogging. This will be my 4th post for this site, my first 3 have already been paid. Not that I have made too much money, but thats more on me since I have to write to make it happen! There are tons of opportunities to choose from and the higher my ratings get with Google and Technorati, the more likely I am to get higher paying opportunities. My earnings as of now are about $17. Everything goes into Paypal, and I can deposit it into our bank account from there. The purpose of posting for payperpost is to make some extra money to go towards paying down our debt. Every little bit helps!
I think what I love most about this site, is that it really does pay! And the guidelines for each post are easy to follow. Should they find something that needs correcting, they give you a chance to take care of it and still make some moo-lah! I highly suggest you all head on over there, get your blog approved and get to writing! Its easy and its fun!

YUM!! Ice Cream!


This is just too good to pass up, and what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with Homemade Ice Cream?! The very generous ladies at 5 minutes for Mom are hosting a Fourth Of July giveaway. This and this are the prizes in the first of many contests to come! So head on over here to find out how and where to enter! Its easy! Go, go do it now! C'mon, it will be fun...

Almost Too Tired

I have been sitting here this morning trying to get some work done. I have articles to write and a phone call to make. But instead I am practically drooling on my keyboard. My eyes want to close so badly right now. Unfortunately, unless my boys spontaneously fall asleep, that won't be happening until sometime after 8 tonight. I thought being on my vaca in California would help me catch up on some sleep. Boy, was I wrong! The time difference wreaked havoc on my already screwed up sleep cycles. Combine that with getting to spend time with one of my closest friends that I haven't had any face time with in two years, and well, lets just say my boys let me get more sleep!
Plus I got so spoiled with hubby being home, today is the first day he actually has to go to work. And what makes it more fun is that he has watch tonight. Although on the flip side, that probably means I will be getting to bed a lot earlier!

On a slightly less perky side, here is an update on my dad. He is recuperating at home, slowly. He has good days and bad days. As I would expect is going to happen when you have the type of surgery he went through. When I called to talk to my mom the other night, I found out that the type of tumor that was in the bone they removed is very rare. And is usually not found within a bone. His Doctors were planning on radiation, but have decided to add chemotherapy as well. My dad was hoping to avoid that. I am unsure if it will be in pill form or not. Is this the usual way now? There is just so much we don't know. And its a little scary to say the least. I know God is sovereign and in control, but can I just say that 2007 has not been the greatest year ever. To those of you praying, thank you so much. It is a precious thing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The West Coast Blues

My vacation ended yesterday, when I flew home from Los Angeles. Let me tell you, I LOVE the weather in California. It was gorgeous, sunny, breezy, and not the least bit humid. Cockroaches? Not a one. Mosquitos? Nope! Cost of living? Astronomical, and all the drivers are insane. But all in all, a great trip. So now, I am back to reality and my mind is in overdrive with everything I need to get done. One of which is putting together my monthly Ezine for July. Which you can view here I thought since the wedding I assisted with was a beach wedding, I would make my focus Summertime and Beach events/weddings. So here is what I am asking of ALL of you, make this my QOTD! (Sorry Stacey!) What is your Fourth of July tradition? Did you have one growing up, and maybe use now with your family, or have you made your own tradition? Do you have a favorite recipe passed down from generations, or one you use each year on your own? SHARE PEOPLE!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Working Our Way

We have a goal. Its a rather frustrating one. We want to be debt free. Which I am sure is the goal of a lot of couples. Ours, while large for us, is probably small in comparison to others out there. But it is ours and I want it GONE! I think whats most frustrating, is that it feels like its going to take forever. There are no bonuses in the Navy. Other than when hubby goes out for certain amounts of time, or does Flight stuff. I can only do so much with my business right now. I have little ones at home, and a new one due in a few weeks. I am sure some of you have seen the posts I have done. So far 3, and they do pay, but I would have to do a TON of them to really make money on them, and I don't have a high enough rating (google and technorati) to qualify for the ones that pay ALOT! I know having a bigger readership would help with that.... hint hint wink wink
I am getting "paid" if you can call it that, to read emails. And they are RIDICULOUS. All the get-rich-quick schemes you can handle. Wealth and prosperity can be mine for the low, low cost of $99 and probably everyone I know. Multi-level marketing can be fun! Fortunately for me, I am not dumb enough to get involved in any of those. I wish they worked. I wish I knew an honest person who does the viral videos, sits around all day not making phone calls or stuffing envelopes and have $1000's deposited into their bank account on a daily basis. But I don't, because chances are, they DON'T exist!
I did discover the other day, a place called through a girls blog who is in a ton of debt, and is working to try and pay it off in two years. She has made quite a bit of money on this site. Well, over a $1000 in fact in a month. So, I read all her info on it, and then I checked out the site. Then I contacted her and asked some questions. Which she was more than happy to answer for me. I signed up under her. I think that is the best way to make money on there.
Its your basic money making deal. You fill out forms, or surveys. You can opt for the ones that are 100% free, meaning no trial offers, and still make some money. And when you reach $10 then you qualify for a check at the end of the month. Which I already qualify for. You can also do the trials and things, but you are signing up for a service for a certain period of time to try. You then have to remember to call and cancel before they begin billing you. Which right now, I don't feel like taking the time to remember.
But referrals are where its at. So heres the deal people, go check it out, if you have the time and would like to make some easy extra money, then sign up. But PLEASE do it under my name. My referral link is here. Just click on it and sign up. Its free to sign up too. I will try and keep you all updated on how things are going and how much I am making. When I get my first check, I will scan it (blacking out personal information of course!) and show it to you all. It didn't take me a lot of time to get to $10.
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I will try to answer the best I can!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Random Cravings...

For whatever reason, my cravings are getting stranger and stranger. But I guess anything is strange considering I never really craved anything with my other two pregnancies.
I can't seem to stop baking. I want to bake ALL THE TIME!! I made some yummy bread earlier this week, and this morning, I made Blueberry muffins. I make ALOT of pudding. I don't know if you can consider that baking or not. Probably not since it is instant. But I do add-ins... See, now you are intrigued. By the crazy pregnant woman and her pudding post. I love banana pudding, you know, with french vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, and bananas layered. And then topped with Cool Whip. I also made Chocolate pudding, and I just put in the Vanilla Wafers and topped that with Cool Whip. YUM! There is just something about really SUPER cold pudding with yummy cakey Vanilla Wafers that makes me all drooly.
Is it weird, that I really wanted to eat my Blueberry muffin (or Nuffins, as my boys call them)with Cool Ranch Doritos? And a really cold glass of chocolate milk?
Which brings to mind an episode of Friends. And you all know which one I am talking about, you just don't want to admit it. And because I ALWAYS remember random things like this, I am more than happy to refresh your memory.

Joey, drinking chocolate milk: "Hey Chandler, did you want some?"
Chandler, in true sarcastic form: "Hey Joe, No Thanks! I'm 30."

So now, that I have plugged Doritos, Jello Instant Pudding, 'Nilla Wafers, and Friends, I am going to sit back and wait for all the free stuff for me to try to start pouring in....
I can also mention Land Rover if that helps!

What are you craving today?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spreadin' The Love!

I love a good contest! But then, who doesn't? Not that I win alot, only occasionally. Hope, however, springs eternal and I will enter until I get SOMETHING!! Although I do have to say, that the other day, I WON (yes, you read that right!) a GC to Chili's from AlisonWonderland.
Here is my next hope to win.....
The girls over at Pinks & Blues are giving away an ADORABLE Dooney and Burke purse. I am usually a Coach girl, I say that like I have TONS of Coach purses, when in fact I only have 3 and a wallet. All you have to do to qualify is head on over and leave a comment! TOO EASY! You don't even have to have a blog, which I know someone who doesn't who might want to enter....

They are also including a cute Juicy Couture shirt, (its a small so I would have to wait quite a while to wear it, being preggo and all) and 2 pairs of VS pant*ies. All new and clean of course!
And you know, my birthday is in a month and a half, and this would make a GREAT gift to me, from, well, you know, ME!!
So head on over and check them out, let them know you came from me, they give prizes for most visits from a link too....

Look Mom No Hands

Or at least no PIN numbers or remembering 1-800 numbers to make long distance calls anymore! Thats what you will find when you use a Pingo phone "card". Quality and ease with no more hassle of carrying around phone cards and worrying about losing it or running out of minutes!
My husband is in the Navy, and when he is deployed, he is always looking for a great deal on phone cards so he can call home. But rates can be high on international calls. And that leaves little for souveniers!! With Pingo, you are guaranteed competitive rates, no additional charges, and great customer service, and you get the best rate on international calling cards abroad! All you pay is for your minutes and a nominal monthly maintenance fee. No hidden charges! And when you sign up, you will recieve four hours of free international calls as well as a $25 online merchant gift certificate for places like Mrs Fields,, or even Lobster Gram!
When you sign up, you have the option of using your issued PIN number and an access number, or using the Pingo Pinpass feature to bypass your pin number. Simply register up to 10 of the numbers you call from the most, and then you no longer need to use your pin and access numbers when using your home, cell, or office phone!
When looking for virtual International rechargeable phone calling card service, look no further than Pingo!

This post is being considered by

Why Can't They Go To The Bone Bank?

I had just fallen asleep last night when my phone rang. About 12:30-ish, I think. Usually I am pretty good about turning the ringer down and just having it on vibrate. When hubby is out for watch, I keep my cell in my room because I feel safer that way. So when it rang, or I guess SANG (since for whatever reason, when a unavailable number comes up it plays RedNeck Woman, which is odd in itself, I don't like country music!) it scared the living daylights out of me! I was about to ignore it when I remembered that my parents number is unavailable and maybe, just maybe I ought to pick it up. Of course, it was my mom, who said, "I didn't think you would answer it, I was gonna leave a message!"
She was calling to let me know how the surgery went. Had my Dad not broke his leg, he was supposed to be admitted yesterday at 10:30am. Being there already, they thought it could help speed the process along. The Dr had other ideas. Sunday he came in and told my parents, although mostly my mom since my dad was rather loopy, that he didn't have a scheduled time for the surgery. They had been bumped up to first spot, then kicked out of first spot, because someone decided to come in later. Also he was NOT doing anything until he had the BONE in his hand.
If you all remember, they were going to replace the bone in his leg with one from a cadaver.
To which my mom asked me: "They have Organ Banks, I figured they have a Bone Bank! Can't they just go get one that FITS from the BONE BANK??"
Had I been eating or drinking something I would have spit it all over my bed.
Apparently looking for a matching femur bone takes some time. Surgery didn't start until about 3:30pm yesterday. And lasted for 4 hours!
Everything went well, and he is beginning his recovery. Their goal is to get him up and moving as soon as possible, and discharged Thursday.
God is GOOD!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Vacation Ain't What It Used To Be!

I am so excited about my trip next week. And a just a wee bit nervous since I will be 32 weeks pregnant! But, one of my closest friends is finally tying the knot and I just have to be there for it. We have invested a lot of prayer in her finding the right guy.
I wish we could fit a family vacation in this year, but as I stated above, its not a good idea this year. I have been reading everybodies blogs lately about traveling and it took me back to when I was little and would do a summer trip every year with my parents and sister. It was so different back then. Think Mid-80's!
We never flew anywhere, because my mom has severe motion sickness. So instead we would pile into our 82 Datsun 2-10 and head out on the open road. Driving, thankfully didn't confine us to the great state of Oregon. We went to Disneyland, Victoria BC, Edmonton, Canada, Lousiana, etc.
Apparently my mom also had a severe sickness that involved no loud music in the car. This was torture for two young girls who wanted to sing their hearts out to "Walk Like An Egyptian", and any thing by Micheal W Smith or Amy Grant. Oh sure, she would have the radio on.... you just had to strain in order to hear it. Go ahead, sit in your car and imagine your are about 8 yrs old, you ask for some music and while most people have theirs set at about a 10-12 on the volume knob, which is not all that loud, my mom kept it at about 3-4. I think the strain itself was more dangerous than the louder decibels might have been. So we would bring along PILES of books and read and read.
As it was, a Datsun, while popular with all the guys in my high school when I drove it, its not a roomy car. And I am WELL KNOWN for not being able to sit up straight or normal. I tuck my legs up, or sit on one with the other stretched out. Or both on the back of the front seat. Sometimes I sat sideways. And unbeknownst to ANYONE, there is a LINE down the middle of the backseat that, according to your older sister, you are not allowed to cross. That puts you into her space and violates all privacy codes. Or something like that. I would sit, curled up in the backseat of a two door car, trying to be comfy on a long hot road trip. Quietly reading my book. My toe would inch over the invisible divider (ON ACCIDENT OF COURSE!) and my sisters internal FAIRNESS meter would sound off. MOOOOOOM, She is ON MY SIDE!!! MAKE HER MOVE!!! She is BUGGING ME!!!!!! And with no radio to drown her out.... Well you can only imagine how fun those 4 day road trips could be.
Once we got to the Hotel, the line from the backseat, magically re-appeared down the middle of the queen size bed my sister and I would share. We had our own rooms at home, always had. So it put us both out that we had to share on these trips. We would fight over covers, and of course over who strayed into the others territory in our sleep. When you should be able to control where you roll of course. One year, my sister brought along SAFETY PINS and pinned down the middle of the bed. Thats right, instead of maybe asking for another blanket and sheet so we didn't have to share covers, now I had to worry about whether I was going to be SKEWERED in the middle of the night by an unfriendly pin. Yep, family vacations are great. So many memories, and I want our kids to have as much fun as I did!!

Menu Plan Monday back again

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I inadvertently took a short break from blogger-ville. I was still around reading, just not posting anything. I was so busy, it was nice to have hubby home. We are always doing something when he's not at work. And the boys and I are spoiled when Daddy is home all day long!
I had crazy thoughts that the 6 weeks he had been gone would give them cause to stay here most of the summer. Not so. Which makes things here a litte harder. The next time out is this Friday for 2 weeks. Thankfully I am heading to Cali. for one of my friends weddings, so hubby will stay behind and with the boys. But then they are out again for almost all of July. Where-in the problem lies. I was supposed to be induced at the end of July because that way hubby could definitely make sure he was there. Not only that, but my last guy got here so fast (less than 3 hours) that they are concerned I won't have time to make it in. Nice, right? Only now the ship will be out the 17th through Aug. 1st. I am due August 4th. And my MIL is coming the 22nd (my birthday) through August 5th so I don't have to be alone should anything happen. I am very grateful for that, although a little weirded out at sharing such an "intimate" moment with my MIL! Hubby was all, whats the big deal? Its not like she hasn't given birth to 3 boys, but in my defense, she is NOT my MOTHER!!! And from that point on I am sure everytime I saw her, thats all I would be able to think about.
So I asked Hubby, if when he goes for a Vasectomy, if he wanted my Dad to come along for support, its not anythng he hasn't seen before, right? POINT TAKEN!!
Of course, he is going to try and get leave for that time, but we don't know how likely that will be. We are DEFINITELY praying about that one.
My Dad's surgery on his leg is today. The one to remove most of his Femur bone, replace it and all that. The bad thing, is that this weekend, I want to say Friday night, he was in bed, and heard what he thought was thunder. My mom was in the kitchen getting ready for bed. It was actually fireworks, but my dad was concerned that if there was another storm coming, they needed to unplug the computer and what not because of what happened last time. He called for my mom, she didn't hear him, and when he started to put weight on his leg to stand, it broke. I feel so bad, morphine wouldn't even touch the pain. And my poor mom! They wouldn't do the surgery earlier, so my dad spent two VERY painful days in traction in the hospital. Afraid to fall asleep, because everytime he would start to relax enough to do so, his leg would get a muscle spasm in it and hurt. A LOT.
We are praying today for a smooth surgery, capable surgeons, no problems at all. Man, I hate being so far away.
Now, on to my Menu Plan for the week. Which will be crazy since I have another wedding this weekend.
Monday: Hubby has duty, easy night. Scrounge night!
Tuesday: Pizza bake, one we didn't get to last week
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Cheesy Dump and Go Chicken (another one we didn't get to)with brown rice
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: I have a Rehearsal to oversee, Daddy will feed the boys!
Saturday: probably order in something as I will be out all day for the wedding!

I just want today to go well for my dad, I am also praying that hubby's leave request will get signed off on by the last person, no problems. Its been approved by everyone else so far. Pray for hubby to have favor with the captain!