Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Why Can't They Go To The Bone Bank?

I had just fallen asleep last night when my phone rang. About 12:30-ish, I think. Usually I am pretty good about turning the ringer down and just having it on vibrate. When hubby is out for watch, I keep my cell in my room because I feel safer that way. So when it rang, or I guess SANG (since for whatever reason, when a unavailable number comes up it plays RedNeck Woman, which is odd in itself, I don't like country music!) it scared the living daylights out of me! I was about to ignore it when I remembered that my parents number is unavailable and maybe, just maybe I ought to pick it up. Of course, it was my mom, who said, "I didn't think you would answer it, I was gonna leave a message!"
She was calling to let me know how the surgery went. Had my Dad not broke his leg, he was supposed to be admitted yesterday at 10:30am. Being there already, they thought it could help speed the process along. The Dr had other ideas. Sunday he came in and told my parents, although mostly my mom since my dad was rather loopy, that he didn't have a scheduled time for the surgery. They had been bumped up to first spot, then kicked out of first spot, because someone decided to come in later. Also he was NOT doing anything until he had the BONE in his hand.
If you all remember, they were going to replace the bone in his leg with one from a cadaver.
To which my mom asked me: "They have Organ Banks, I figured they have a Bone Bank! Can't they just go get one that FITS from the BONE BANK??"
Had I been eating or drinking something I would have spit it all over my bed.
Apparently looking for a matching femur bone takes some time. Surgery didn't start until about 3:30pm yesterday. And lasted for 4 hours!
Everything went well, and he is beginning his recovery. Their goal is to get him up and moving as soon as possible, and discharged Thursday.
God is GOOD!!!


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh, I'm so glad it went well! I bet they will have him up and moving in no time, but I imagine it will be hard on him. I can't believe he would be discharged by Thursday, that is amazing :)

Keep us updated, hope he is doing better every day :)

sarahgrace said...

Praise God things went well! It's so hard sometimes to look towards the end when you're in the midst of all these things.