Monday, June 25, 2007

In Which A Phone Gets Zapped

My hubby, who for the most part, is against all this "oversharing" of personal life, has been bugging me to share this story with all of blogger-ville. Which is odd to say the least. When I was enjoying the California Sunshine, he called one morning and told me the story and then informed me I could put it on my Blog so people would laugh and leave me comments. He loves to hear the comments.
I could write a whole post about how he is AGAINST blogs, but wants me to read my favorites to him, but instead I will humor hubby and share with you all about the strangeness that is THE CELL PHONE!
As I am sure my audience of 3 remembers, not too long ago, hubby was overseas with his ship in the Scotland area. Right before he left, his cell phone (Verizon issued) started acting up. Its your basic flip phone and when you flipped it up all you could see was a blue screen. No pics, no list of phone numbers, and when you called someone, you had to hope you were putting the numbers in right. When he was overseas, and OUT OF AREA the pic came back. No more blue screen. Hubby was elated to say the least. Well, the minute they got back with in range, the screen went blue again. We took it, and my phone, which was also acting up, into the Verizon store. And may I just say that I am always impressed with the lovely service people at Verizon. As opposed to Cingular where the last time I had a problem the two twits who worked there basically ignored me and worked on a customers account who wasn't even in the store! So while Verizon fixed mine, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with hubbys. Their suggestion was to send it in, and get a free ($50 fee of course for sending it in) phone from the insurance. We held onto the phone.
About a week later, his battery died and he plugged it in to charge, turned it back on and the pic came back again. Don't hold your breath though, it did not last! It got turned off again and stayed that way for a while.
So there I was, relaxing in the cool balmy 70 degrees that is Los Angeles (I have to remind myself every now and then so I can forget the humidity here) when hubs calls and tells me how he fixed his phone. He was messing with it, because he is a guy, and has therefore apparently been blessed with the ability to understand and fix all things electronic. I let him live in his dreamworld occasionally. Anyway, he started thinking about how when it was out of area, it worked. So he started walking around our house trying to find a place that did not get a signal. Which is a lot of places actually. Although not the black hole our house was when we lived on the base. And I had to perch on the arm of the couch at a 90 degree angle with my head cocked to the side in order to talk to my parents for 10 minutes before I lost the ever roving signal.
For whatever reason, hubby decided that the kitchen would be a good place to look for low signals and then had the BRILLIANT idea that he should put his phone in the MICROWAVE. So he turned off the phone, placed it in the Microwave, turned it back on and shut the door. It worked. The pic came back and there was no more strangely mocking blue screen! So the next time you have a problem with your cell phone, just put it in the microwave. Its all very scientific you know.


sarahgrace said...

That is sooo odd. And kind of scary really... All those microwaves doing who knows what to us...
Is it still working?

Mama Russell said...

Oh my goodness, that was so funny!! Now, the question is, HOW on EARTH did your hubby think to put it in the microwave??

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh my word, what a hoot! You're telling me he NUKED it and it fixed it? That is so weird, I need to ask my geeky computer nerd of a husband why on earth that would work :)

Mom not Mum said...

LOL I'm hoping he didn't actually turn it on.

Amy W said...

Oh, too, too funny.
Too bad you couldn't use the microwave to send a signal to make that roach skeedaddle!
Praying that all continues well with you and the baby!