Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The West Coast Blues

My vacation ended yesterday, when I flew home from Los Angeles. Let me tell you, I LOVE the weather in California. It was gorgeous, sunny, breezy, and not the least bit humid. Cockroaches? Not a one. Mosquitos? Nope! Cost of living? Astronomical, and all the drivers are insane. But all in all, a great trip. So now, I am back to reality and my mind is in overdrive with everything I need to get done. One of which is putting together my monthly Ezine for July. Which you can view here I thought since the wedding I assisted with was a beach wedding, I would make my focus Summertime and Beach events/weddings. So here is what I am asking of ALL of you, make this my QOTD! (Sorry Stacey!) What is your Fourth of July tradition? Did you have one growing up, and maybe use now with your family, or have you made your own tradition? Do you have a favorite recipe passed down from generations, or one you use each year on your own? SHARE PEOPLE!!!


Lois E. Lane said...

I'm glad your "California adventure" was more fun than mine :) Can't wait to read your e-zine!

sarahgrace said...

My family's fourth of July tradition has generally been to go camping. There definitely must be the eating of a lot of cherries too... and that's about as traditional as we get. :)
Glad your vacation was fun. I'm looking forward to mine (also going to California), for all kinds of different reasons. ;)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So glad you had a good trip! No mosquitoes would be great :)

No apologies needed, great question! Unfortunately, we never had any in my family growing up. I married into a family that has a huge family reunion on July 4th, so we go there each and every year. Without fail. I'm wondering if we'll ever, ever get to do anything else!

Have a great day :)