Monday, June 4, 2007

Menu Plan Monday back again

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I inadvertently took a short break from blogger-ville. I was still around reading, just not posting anything. I was so busy, it was nice to have hubby home. We are always doing something when he's not at work. And the boys and I are spoiled when Daddy is home all day long!
I had crazy thoughts that the 6 weeks he had been gone would give them cause to stay here most of the summer. Not so. Which makes things here a litte harder. The next time out is this Friday for 2 weeks. Thankfully I am heading to Cali. for one of my friends weddings, so hubby will stay behind and with the boys. But then they are out again for almost all of July. Where-in the problem lies. I was supposed to be induced at the end of July because that way hubby could definitely make sure he was there. Not only that, but my last guy got here so fast (less than 3 hours) that they are concerned I won't have time to make it in. Nice, right? Only now the ship will be out the 17th through Aug. 1st. I am due August 4th. And my MIL is coming the 22nd (my birthday) through August 5th so I don't have to be alone should anything happen. I am very grateful for that, although a little weirded out at sharing such an "intimate" moment with my MIL! Hubby was all, whats the big deal? Its not like she hasn't given birth to 3 boys, but in my defense, she is NOT my MOTHER!!! And from that point on I am sure everytime I saw her, thats all I would be able to think about.
So I asked Hubby, if when he goes for a Vasectomy, if he wanted my Dad to come along for support, its not anythng he hasn't seen before, right? POINT TAKEN!!
Of course, he is going to try and get leave for that time, but we don't know how likely that will be. We are DEFINITELY praying about that one.
My Dad's surgery on his leg is today. The one to remove most of his Femur bone, replace it and all that. The bad thing, is that this weekend, I want to say Friday night, he was in bed, and heard what he thought was thunder. My mom was in the kitchen getting ready for bed. It was actually fireworks, but my dad was concerned that if there was another storm coming, they needed to unplug the computer and what not because of what happened last time. He called for my mom, she didn't hear him, and when he started to put weight on his leg to stand, it broke. I feel so bad, morphine wouldn't even touch the pain. And my poor mom! They wouldn't do the surgery earlier, so my dad spent two VERY painful days in traction in the hospital. Afraid to fall asleep, because everytime he would start to relax enough to do so, his leg would get a muscle spasm in it and hurt. A LOT.
We are praying today for a smooth surgery, capable surgeons, no problems at all. Man, I hate being so far away.
Now, on to my Menu Plan for the week. Which will be crazy since I have another wedding this weekend.
Monday: Hubby has duty, easy night. Scrounge night!
Tuesday: Pizza bake, one we didn't get to last week
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Cheesy Dump and Go Chicken (another one we didn't get to)with brown rice
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: I have a Rehearsal to oversee, Daddy will feed the boys!
Saturday: probably order in something as I will be out all day for the wedding!

I just want today to go well for my dad, I am also praying that hubby's leave request will get signed off on by the last person, no problems. Its been approved by everyone else so far. Pray for hubby to have favor with the captain!


tegdirb92 said...

we are doing the dump chicken too this week. Welcome back!

annie said...

Ouch, your dad's poor leg. I'll say a prayer for his surgery.
Your menu looks delicious.
blessings to you this week!
My Life as Annie!

Debi said...

Definitely gotta side with you on this one! I love her dearly, but I would not want my MIL in with me as I was giving birth. I certainly hope it all works out well for you!

sarahgrace said...

Glad you have been getting to spend some time with your hubby. And yeah, I think it would be weird to have my MIL present at the birth of my kids too, but I have to say, my sister's MIL was there at hers and was fantastic. Usually, when you get to "that point" you don't really care anyways (or at least I didn't) you just want that baby out! I hope hope hope, and will pray that your hubby is able to be there!!
I will also be praying for your dad and mom today. God bless them!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Good grief, you have a full plate with so much going on. Take care of yourself, and I hope things go well for your dad. Let us know. That sounds so painful for him.

Hope the hubby will be back in time and can get his leave and stuff all worked out. I am glad he finally understood. As much as you love your MIL, it's not like having him or your own mother there.

Menu sounds great -let us know how the new ones turn out, if you have time!

Enjoy your week and take care :)

org junkie said...

Can you imagine your hubbie having his father in law in on the vasectomy...that cracked me up. Great point!!

My MIL is a nurse and just happened to be working the night I went into labor so she was in on the delivery. I thought it would be strange but it really wasn't. It was okay.