Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kissable Baby!

I have really gone back and forth about doing this, but here I am.
One of our local radio stations in our town is hosting a Kissable Baby contest, prizes include something for the baby, and also a spa gift certificate for the mom. Anyway, the Princess has made it to Round 3!!


I think we could all agree that as a temporarily single mom while hubby is deployed, I deserve some pampering, and this is a nice way to get it!

So head on over to here and go to the Kissable Baby Contest link and vote for that sweet baby girl! That is the pic I used so just look for her. If you want to be sure, email me and I will tell you her name!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I know with your help, I can get the spa treatments I need...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Perfect Fit

I didn't think I would be looking, no less FINDING a pair of shoes so soon. But I was out shopping the other day, and wandered into Payless shoes. DSW is where I usually go for shoes since I can get Designers for a lot less, so I wasn't really expecting to find anything.
But then these caught my eye....


People, THOSE are THE shoes! The shoes I am going to wear with my FAB new dress for hubby's homecoming! They add a nice pop of color, I can't wait to find accessories for it. I am thinking a couple of chunky bracelets in white and yellow and then some funky earrings. Any suggestions?

Also it has been brought to my attention that my donate button in the last post doesn't work. So if you feel led to want to send a $1 my way to support my cause to KISS MY HUBBY FIRST!! Then just email me and ask for my address!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dress Blues

I am amazed at the wisdom and fashion sense that comes from Bigmama. Every Friday, she has a Fashion Friday Edition where she answers the burning fashion questions that plague us all. I myself had a problem concerning this dress and my shoe options. And Bigmama came through like she always does!


There is the dress I am going to wear for homecoming, and NO I don't mean Prom. Most of you know hubby is in the Navy and his ship is coming back in April. Thus homecoming! The Princess has her outfit already, I am currently searching for something for my boys. I had picked out some Madras Shorts at Old Navy, but now they don't have their sizes! Everywhere else they are upwards or about $30. I don't want us to all be matchy matchy, but at least have a color in common. Which seems to be BLUE!

Last week I made it to my first meeting of the support group for the wives of the sailors on the ship. Which was interesting, I learned a little and then managed to end up on the planning committee for homecoming. Probably a good idea since then I will be up to date on all the goings ons.
We will decorate the pier, and coordinate the food. Right up my alley! Something else I learned was about raffling off THE FIRST KISS. And the first hug for the kiddos.

See here is the deal, if I win the raffle for FIRST KISS, then I literally get to be the first person on the boat and get kissed by hubby! Otherwise I would have to wait for all the officers, captain, and XO to reunite with their wives. The wife who won last year, had bought $200 raffle tickets. How did she do that you ask? She got the people she works with to SPONSOR her! Now what about all us stay at home moms??

So here is what I thought, I would ask you kindly internets (yes I borrowed that phrase...) to sponsor me so I can be the very first on that silly boat to KISS my hubby that I haven't seen in 6 months! Each ticket is $1.

Help me kiss my hubby!!

Do it in the spirit of Valentines Day, which I know was yesterday, but I spent it with my little ones and didn't get to spend it with my hubby....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

YEEE HAW!!! I Have Been Tagged!!

I can't really explain why, but I get giddy like a school girl when someone tags me. I know, everyone is scratching their heads right now! But I was excited when I saw that Sarah had tagged me to take part in the 6 Random Things About Me!
Now lets see if I can come up with 6 Random things....

1. I cannot stand anything that has to do with eyes, talking about them, if one of my boys has something in his eye and wants me to look, it makes me feel like I have something in mine. I will never be able to get Lasik because I would think about what they were doing the whole time and it would gross me out! And now I can't stop making a face about it....

2. I still get a kick out of watching 90210 (Don't judge me!)

3. I have never been able to open my eyes under water, and I always plug my nose when I jump in

4. I can write Calligraphy, have been able to since I was like 8 and I took an advanced art course. (Advanced for 8, I guess!)

5.) When I was 7, I was a Semi-Finalist for Rose Festival Princess. I felt robbed because the girl who won had a huge rip up the back of her dress!

6. Also when I was little one of the Miss Oregon's lived across the street from me, and a few years ago, one of the girls I went to church with became Miss USA.

And now I tag....
Lois, Allison, Jen, Stacey, Melanie, Pinks and Blues Girls

That was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be! Not that there aren't random things about me, its just they may not be all that interesting to all of you!
And yes we are all doing well, I have just been swamped! One of my best friends came to visit and we talked way too late every night, shopped and she taught me how to make ADORABLE socks for the Princess and she made her some pretty bows! I wish I could make them as fast as she does.
Then it took me a bit of time to get back on top of my house cleaning. Let me tell you, with two little guys, that is HARD work! I think I vacuum a mile at least every day.
I had Train Junkies school bake sale to bake for. I made mini brownie bites and my Vanilla Gooey Buttery Cookies. Which my boys declared "Scrumptious!" Yeah, they got that from Max and Ruby.
I really want to lose at least 20 pounds before hubby comes home. I am back into my prepregnancy jeans, but I want to be to my PRE TRAIN JUNKIE weight! Plus hubby is working out this deployment. Something that cracks me up since I could never get him in the gym with me! I always wanted him to be my workout partner! Now I will.
I will post some new kidlet pics here in a couple of days when I have a free moment! I also hope to get Menu Plan Monday rolling again. So I am off to find some new recipes and I promise I will try to be around more often!