Friday, February 15, 2008

Dress Blues

I am amazed at the wisdom and fashion sense that comes from Bigmama. Every Friday, she has a Fashion Friday Edition where she answers the burning fashion questions that plague us all. I myself had a problem concerning this dress and my shoe options. And Bigmama came through like she always does!


There is the dress I am going to wear for homecoming, and NO I don't mean Prom. Most of you know hubby is in the Navy and his ship is coming back in April. Thus homecoming! The Princess has her outfit already, I am currently searching for something for my boys. I had picked out some Madras Shorts at Old Navy, but now they don't have their sizes! Everywhere else they are upwards or about $30. I don't want us to all be matchy matchy, but at least have a color in common. Which seems to be BLUE!

Last week I made it to my first meeting of the support group for the wives of the sailors on the ship. Which was interesting, I learned a little and then managed to end up on the planning committee for homecoming. Probably a good idea since then I will be up to date on all the goings ons.
We will decorate the pier, and coordinate the food. Right up my alley! Something else I learned was about raffling off THE FIRST KISS. And the first hug for the kiddos.

See here is the deal, if I win the raffle for FIRST KISS, then I literally get to be the first person on the boat and get kissed by hubby! Otherwise I would have to wait for all the officers, captain, and XO to reunite with their wives. The wife who won last year, had bought $200 raffle tickets. How did she do that you ask? She got the people she works with to SPONSOR her! Now what about all us stay at home moms??

So here is what I thought, I would ask you kindly internets (yes I borrowed that phrase...) to sponsor me so I can be the very first on that silly boat to KISS my hubby that I haven't seen in 6 months! Each ticket is $1.

Help me kiss my hubby!!

Do it in the spirit of Valentines Day, which I know was yesterday, but I spent it with my little ones and didn't get to spend it with my hubby....

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sarahgrace said...

That is the cutest little dress! I would love to donate a dollar or two, but your link isn't working for me...
or you can just email me your address and I'll mail it to you! :)