Tuesday, February 5, 2008

YEEE HAW!!! I Have Been Tagged!!

I can't really explain why, but I get giddy like a school girl when someone tags me. I know, everyone is scratching their heads right now! But I was excited when I saw that Sarah had tagged me to take part in the 6 Random Things About Me!
Now lets see if I can come up with 6 Random things....

1. I cannot stand anything that has to do with eyes, talking about them, if one of my boys has something in his eye and wants me to look, it makes me feel like I have something in mine. I will never be able to get Lasik because I would think about what they were doing the whole time and it would gross me out! And now I can't stop making a face about it....

2. I still get a kick out of watching 90210 (Don't judge me!)

3. I have never been able to open my eyes under water, and I always plug my nose when I jump in

4. I can write Calligraphy, have been able to since I was like 8 and I took an advanced art course. (Advanced for 8, I guess!)

5.) When I was 7, I was a Semi-Finalist for Rose Festival Princess. I felt robbed because the girl who won had a huge rip up the back of her dress!

6. Also when I was little one of the Miss Oregon's lived across the street from me, and a few years ago, one of the girls I went to church with became Miss USA.

And now I tag....
Lois, Allison, Jen, Stacey, Melanie, Pinks and Blues Girls

That was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be! Not that there aren't random things about me, its just they may not be all that interesting to all of you!
And yes we are all doing well, I have just been swamped! One of my best friends came to visit and we talked way too late every night, shopped and she taught me how to make ADORABLE socks for the Princess and she made her some pretty bows! I wish I could make them as fast as she does.
Then it took me a bit of time to get back on top of my house cleaning. Let me tell you, with two little guys, that is HARD work! I think I vacuum a mile at least every day.
I had Train Junkies school bake sale to bake for. I made mini brownie bites and my Vanilla Gooey Buttery Cookies. Which my boys declared "Scrumptious!" Yeah, they got that from Max and Ruby.
I really want to lose at least 20 pounds before hubby comes home. I am back into my prepregnancy jeans, but I want to be to my PRE TRAIN JUNKIE weight! Plus hubby is working out this deployment. Something that cracks me up since I could never get him in the gym with me! I always wanted him to be my workout partner! Now I will.
I will post some new kidlet pics here in a couple of days when I have a free moment! I also hope to get Menu Plan Monday rolling again. So I am off to find some new recipes and I promise I will try to be around more often!


sarahgrace said...

I get all excited when somebody tags me too...it's like,"Yay, somebody likes me!" ha ha!
You know, if I knew when 90210 came on, I would watch it too- so you're not alone...

alisonwonderland said...

life has been really crazy around here, and i've not been visiting blogs much for the past several weeks. i'm glad i stopped by today! i'll try to get some random things posted within a few days! thanks for the tag!

Lois E. Lane said...

Thanks! I'll get right on it. Your #2 cracked me up, by the way :)

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I remember when 90210 ended it was like the end of an era!! So glad I can catch reruns on Soap Net!!

Thanks for the tag... we'll get to it soon!

jane, Pinks & Blues

Jane said...


Came over from Big Mama... that dress is so awesome!!!!! I am excited to discover that web site.

I would go with the silver as not to look too 4th of July. Although, I agree w/ Big Mama- dh is not going to be looking at your feet!