Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Bit Of Crazy

I come by my anxiety honestly. My mom is an Olympic worrier. I have to fight with myself to not imagine the worst. So you can imagine what being the wife of someone deployed to Iraq is doing to me. I rarely watch the news. I read chick lit, and watch only funny movies.
Last night I was checking my email and saw a article on yahoo about a bombing in Baghdad. Stupid me, I went and read it. Now, I know that the Hubster was not near where that happened. HOWEVER, I didn't get an email from him last night like I normally do. Which then feeds into my paranoia. I know in my heart that he is crazy forgetful, and while he knows that I worry like there is no tomorrow, (is there a tomorrow?? will we still be here?? j/k!) he will think, "Oh, I am tired and I am just going to crash and will email Posh later" Or the Hubster will get busy and be running late. Which are all valid reasons. And had I not read that article, I would be just fine.
So I worry. A lot. Until I hear from him, I will be a nervous wreck. What if someone I don't know knocks on our door? Should I answer it, or hide with the kiddos like on Army Wives?

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Have A Crutch

I have tons of things bouncing around in my head right now, and everytime I try and write something, my lovely laptop gives me a hard time. I am constantly trying to think of words that don't have the letter "g" in them because my enormous dog apparently tried to get online one day and her paws just aren't cut out for typing!

I am going to go somewhere here I don't normally go. Jesus is my crutch. Not something we hear people say very often. Jesus is our rock, thats more Christian PC, right? On Him we weather the storm. Truth! Yes! However, what about when we are weak, and unable to stand? A crutch holds us up. In Him I am strong. Without that crutch, I am weak and unable to walk.

Too many people don't want to accept that I think. But its ok to fall down on your face and cry your eyes out, not only that, its ok to let someone else pick you up and put you back on your crutch.

Today someone tried their best to convince me that I can have joy and peace without leaning on someone. That busy-ness and being helpful is all I need to be happy. All that tells me, is that person fills their life with activities in order to fill that God shaped hole in their life.

I know what its like to not have God in my life, I know what its like to try and do things on my own. And personally, even with our trials, with the hubster going to Iraq, with being away from my family, when my Dad had cancer, I had more joy knowing God was in control.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Which Came First...

I haven't yet switched over to my Bake Shoppe blog. Soon! So, if you want to open a bakery, and hope to also write a cookbook someday, which comes first? I think I may be about to go about this a bit backwards, but do I have a choice?

Yep. I think I am going to research and come up with a plan to write a cookbook. I love to share recipes, some I come up with on my own, others I have been making for years. Facebook has become a nice little outlet for recipes, and in the process, I have gotten few comments on maybe writing a cookbook. Its definitely something I have contemplated as a future project. AFTER I had opened a bakery or two, and had some success though.

And how to go about it? Write and self-publish it? I think, (think being the operative word...) that I have enough friends on Facebook to get it started, then they can spread the word. What else is social networking for? I am also a member of LinkedIn. I know if you self-publish, you can try your hand at selling it on Amazon, I suppose I could put it on ebay? Craigslist? And have a link for it on my Bake Shoppe website too.

The timeline for a cookbook, is about 1-2 years. I am working towards opening the bakery this time next year. With the hubster out for the next 9 months, it gives me some extra time. Time to write, get financially ready, and hunt for the PERFECT space! And with a storefront, comes space to stock my cookbook....

So what do you all (how many readers do I have anyways...)think?