Thursday, October 8, 2009

Which Came First...

I haven't yet switched over to my Bake Shoppe blog. Soon! So, if you want to open a bakery, and hope to also write a cookbook someday, which comes first? I think I may be about to go about this a bit backwards, but do I have a choice?

Yep. I think I am going to research and come up with a plan to write a cookbook. I love to share recipes, some I come up with on my own, others I have been making for years. Facebook has become a nice little outlet for recipes, and in the process, I have gotten few comments on maybe writing a cookbook. Its definitely something I have contemplated as a future project. AFTER I had opened a bakery or two, and had some success though.

And how to go about it? Write and self-publish it? I think, (think being the operative word...) that I have enough friends on Facebook to get it started, then they can spread the word. What else is social networking for? I am also a member of LinkedIn. I know if you self-publish, you can try your hand at selling it on Amazon, I suppose I could put it on ebay? Craigslist? And have a link for it on my Bake Shoppe website too.

The timeline for a cookbook, is about 1-2 years. I am working towards opening the bakery this time next year. With the hubster out for the next 9 months, it gives me some extra time. Time to write, get financially ready, and hunt for the PERFECT space! And with a storefront, comes space to stock my cookbook....

So what do you all (how many readers do I have anyways...)think?

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