Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Bit Of Crazy

I come by my anxiety honestly. My mom is an Olympic worrier. I have to fight with myself to not imagine the worst. So you can imagine what being the wife of someone deployed to Iraq is doing to me. I rarely watch the news. I read chick lit, and watch only funny movies.
Last night I was checking my email and saw a article on yahoo about a bombing in Baghdad. Stupid me, I went and read it. Now, I know that the Hubster was not near where that happened. HOWEVER, I didn't get an email from him last night like I normally do. Which then feeds into my paranoia. I know in my heart that he is crazy forgetful, and while he knows that I worry like there is no tomorrow, (is there a tomorrow?? will we still be here?? j/k!) he will think, "Oh, I am tired and I am just going to crash and will email Posh later" Or the Hubster will get busy and be running late. Which are all valid reasons. And had I not read that article, I would be just fine.
So I worry. A lot. Until I hear from him, I will be a nervous wreck. What if someone I don't know knocks on our door? Should I answer it, or hide with the kiddos like on Army Wives?

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sarahgrace said...

I think I'd have a rough time not worrying were I in your position too!
I've been fighting with myself over worry lately too, just different issues. :)