Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Do you ever wish you were independently wealthy? Right now, I do. Simply because I would bring someone in to clean the entire house, top to bottom. And then I would hire a nanny to relieve me once a week so I could recoup. Let's face it, I need a break. Although I suppose if we were wealthy, then the Hubster wouldn't be in the Navy, thus he would not be in Iraq right now, and I would have help!
Ok, so maybe instead I wish the Hubster was not in the Navy. Its tough being on your own with 3 crazies. Especially when most of the people I know are also military. I might need help, but can't bring myself to ask for help from my friends that I know are busy.
Before it was a little simpler, as there were only 2 crazies. And finding a sitter for 2 is easier then finding one for 3 who doesn't want to bleed you dry. And really, if I am going to pay someone $10+ an hour, then I had better come home to a spotless house and all the toys picked up. Can you tell that the last one I hired did none of that?
Then to make things more fun, I really want to get the Bake Shoppe a small client list started. I kind of thrive on chaos, business chaos that is. When I do get a chance to work, I love to be crazy busy. Because then I go full speed ahead in a nice groove.
I should be blogging on my Bake Shoppe blog. Hopefully I can maintain there, and here. I wouldn't want to disappoint my "reader"!

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sarahgrace said...

Haha! I am with you- I would totally bring someone (a HAZMAT team) in to clean my house top to bottom right now if I could. And my hubby is home and helps out quite a bit. Of course...as you know, I have a few other circumstances that are making things more difficult for me to keep up with things at the moment...
Hang in there, what you and your hubby are sacrificing for our country right now is highly honorable! Thank you both!