Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Need Of Major Help Here

I forgot to ask in my post a slightly embarrassing question. But I figure since a lot of you are baring it all in your Fit Friday posts, I would pop my bubble of comfort and just come out with it.

I meant to post my goals for this coming week. And the biggest one, since I have found an ab exercise that truly works, (when I do it, that is) is to look for a really great exercise for my thighs/inner thighs. You know how when you are walking behind a tall, thin woman in the perfect pair of jeans, which is often for me, I am only 5 ft 3, and you wish you looked like that in them, or owned them. Well that is what I wish for. I want that space back between my thighs. Does ANYONE know how to get that?!?
So please share your favorite thigh workouts! Silly or otherwise, do you dance around, do lunges down your hallway? I am up for anything!

Goals: More WATER! Even on my soda days.
More Fruits and Veggies, not so much accomplished last week...
Stick with the Abs exercises- 3-4 times this week
Find a good Thigh exercise- and then do it!
Work out 4-5 times this next week, either Pilates, or hip hop (ALONE)

Not Exactly Missing In Action

Man, this has been one long week. Sickness in the form of a cold or the flu invaded my body and then knocked me on my rear. Sneezy, achy, stuffy, miserable. I felt like my head was going to explode. I didn't work out. I could barely drag myself off the couch, only to care for my kiddos. On the bright side, I hardly ate! And stuck to my soda regimen. Hubby swears my rear is much smaller. As well as the "saggy I last carried an almost 10 lb baby" flab. All good things. I needed a speedy recovery though. I have a rather nice size event I am vending my wares at. Its a upscale designer jewelery show called Glitter. I and another baker (she has been doing this a lot longer than me!) will be THE ONLY food vendors there. Scary. Exciting.
This happens Wednesday, so tonight I am heading into the commercial kitchen to get as much stuff done as I can.
Hubby's birthday is Wednesday too. Having checked with him, he has agreed to celebrating on Thursday. On the menu? Pot Roast complete with carrots and potatoes, and a cherry pie. Which is his very favorite. Although I tried to convince him that what he really wants is a cake that looks like a tank. I am trying to perfect my fondant skills here! I gave in, it is his birthday! But I get to make the cake and send him to work with it.


Still here? I took a break and did a 30 minute workout, hip hop, if you were interested. I have no rhythm. Seriously. But it is fun, and gets my heart rate up. Even if I don't look quite so posh doing it. In the long run, I will look Hot for the Holidays! Besides, my favorite jeans are looking just a little too broken in, and I really want to be in my jeans that are just waiting to be pulled on.

Ok, I have some things to print up and get pulled together for a long work night tonight. Maybe it will snow at some point.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Stuff

>>YAWN<< This has been a crazy busy week. I prepared all week for a craft fair yesterday. It went really well too. Sold out of a couple of things, and even got some outside orders! One of which is to do favors for a wedding. So much for avoiding the wedding industry for a while.
We also celebrated, although kind of on the fly since there really wasn't time, our 7 yr wedding anniversary. Yep, its already been 7 yrs since I landed me the best hubby ever! Seriously, I am truly blessed, and God definitely knew what He was doing when He brought me hubby. And 3 kids, and 7 moves later we are still going strong. So, Thank you hubby for 7 awesome years, you are amazing! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the years to come.
On the kid front, TJ is eagerly awaiting his 5th birthday, 5 days before Christmas. Ever since his brother had a Monster Truck birthday last year, this has been his greatest desire. And has continued to remind me of this for the past 9 mos. Since I have been becoming more proficient in the baking department, I told him I could make his cake even cooler. But no, he wanted none of that. He wants his cake to look EXACTLY like his brothers. Chocolate marshmallows as boulders and all.
Thankfully Little Guy wants a Pokemon birthday so I can exercise my right to overachieve in the cake department!
For those of you with children, you know they can come up with some funny things sometimes. Thursday, my Little Guy was UBER cranky. And WHINY. My least favorite mood in him. I kept trying to deal with him, while Train Junkie sat quietly next to me watching Tom and Jerry. I finally just told LG to just knock it off, I didn't want to hear the whining anymore!
Tj looked up and me and said, "I'm whining on the inside!"
I thought I would answer a question for Missy asked me about how am I staying away from the Diet Coke? I have to say it can be really tough. We do keep it in the house since hubby drinks it too. But we also have bottled water. And also lemonade. When we go out, and stop to get something to eat, I usually try to have a bottle of water with me. I don't want to waste it so I am less likely to order a soda if I already have a drink with me. Yesterday at the craft fair, I had brought a bottle of water with me from home. (When it comes to water, I am infinitely picky so I tend to take my own. Spring water icks me out!) Anyway, when they were going around taking lunch orders, the lady asked if I wanted a drink, I saw they had soda. But then looked over and remembered my water and told her "No thanks, I already have a drink." And if we eat out in a restaurant, which isn't all that often, I will usually get Strawberry Lemonade since its my absolute favorite and I can't just pull one out of the fridge at home.

Now I will leave you with some pics of my table from the craft fair....






Friday, November 7, 2008

Checking In


How'd I do this week? Not so good. We had some out of town guests, so other than walking I didn't really do a lot in the way of exercising. I did get in my 3 days of no soda. So WOOO HOOO! there. Eating wise? Not so good there either. I had some Halloween candy, and since I did a craft fair last weekend, I "sampled" some new items I baked. I did keep up with my skipping extras on my meals, as well as not eating every last bite on my plate.
And last night I hopped back on the wagon, and thanks to all you who let me know who was responsible for the lovely ab exercises (Mom's Toolbox!), I was able to pick them back up again. I did loose my partner (hubby...) who claimed he was too tired to do them. Although he was kind enough to sit next to me and count and encourage. And really what more can I ask for?
And I was really excited to pull 2 pairs of pants out of my drawer and find they fit me perfectly! Neither of them are the pair I am aiming for, but I figure hey! its a step closer, right?

* Keep up the water intake, stick with the 3 days no soda
* Get back in the groove of doing the ab exercises, they REALLY DO work!
* For that matter, get back on my workout schedule
* Add some more fruits and veggies to my diet (not a veggie eater really, so this will be hard.)

This is going to be really tough, I have craft fairs this weekend, the next, and another one almost immediately after that. Busy doesn't even come close to what I will be! I just have to make sure that even if I am tired, or just want to sit at the end of the day, I get SOMETHING in. Every little bit helps! Or is that just something I am telling myself?