Friday, November 7, 2008

Checking In


How'd I do this week? Not so good. We had some out of town guests, so other than walking I didn't really do a lot in the way of exercising. I did get in my 3 days of no soda. So WOOO HOOO! there. Eating wise? Not so good there either. I had some Halloween candy, and since I did a craft fair last weekend, I "sampled" some new items I baked. I did keep up with my skipping extras on my meals, as well as not eating every last bite on my plate.
And last night I hopped back on the wagon, and thanks to all you who let me know who was responsible for the lovely ab exercises (Mom's Toolbox!), I was able to pick them back up again. I did loose my partner (hubby...) who claimed he was too tired to do them. Although he was kind enough to sit next to me and count and encourage. And really what more can I ask for?
And I was really excited to pull 2 pairs of pants out of my drawer and find they fit me perfectly! Neither of them are the pair I am aiming for, but I figure hey! its a step closer, right?

* Keep up the water intake, stick with the 3 days no soda
* Get back in the groove of doing the ab exercises, they REALLY DO work!
* For that matter, get back on my workout schedule
* Add some more fruits and veggies to my diet (not a veggie eater really, so this will be hard.)

This is going to be really tough, I have craft fairs this weekend, the next, and another one almost immediately after that. Busy doesn't even come close to what I will be! I just have to make sure that even if I am tired, or just want to sit at the end of the day, I get SOMETHING in. Every little bit helps! Or is that just something I am telling myself?


One More Equals Four said...

We are crazy busy around here, too. It is hard but keep trying, every little bit really does help! I wonder if you premad some little baggies of snacks to take with you to the craft fairs if it would help. You know, like the correct serving of pretzels or baggies of apples or grapes, or even carrot sticks. It might help curb your hunger so you are not tempted to eat the higher cal. snacks. Just a thought! Good luck this week!

Deirdre said...

I too need to step up the water intake.

Keep up the faith. Now 'scuse me while I go look up those ab exercises.....

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

How are you cutting back on the coke? I have quit buying it for the house, but not when I go somewhere. Now, whenever I am in public, I am like a junkie going after my Diet Coke fix!

The Smiths said...

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas are hard on the diet with business and baking. I am impressed with the craft fair. It looks awesome.