Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Need Of Major Help Here

I forgot to ask in my post a slightly embarrassing question. But I figure since a lot of you are baring it all in your Fit Friday posts, I would pop my bubble of comfort and just come out with it.

I meant to post my goals for this coming week. And the biggest one, since I have found an ab exercise that truly works, (when I do it, that is) is to look for a really great exercise for my thighs/inner thighs. You know how when you are walking behind a tall, thin woman in the perfect pair of jeans, which is often for me, I am only 5 ft 3, and you wish you looked like that in them, or owned them. Well that is what I wish for. I want that space back between my thighs. Does ANYONE know how to get that?!?
So please share your favorite thigh workouts! Silly or otherwise, do you dance around, do lunges down your hallway? I am up for anything!

Goals: More WATER! Even on my soda days.
More Fruits and Veggies, not so much accomplished last week...
Stick with the Abs exercises- 3-4 times this week
Find a good Thigh exercise- and then do it!
Work out 4-5 times this next week, either Pilates, or hip hop (ALONE)

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh my gosh, all I can think of is Suzanne Somers with that contraption on the infomercial - what was it called?

Oh yes! The Thighmaster!!!

I don't know. But you know who would, is Mom's a Fitness Junkie. Pop over to her blog and ask her.

I do know that during/after this last pg I was getting the thighs rubbing together action. Since I have been doing the um, what do you call it. The thing where you step, not a stairmaster, but you just step up and down. Shoot. Can't remember. Anyway, that is what I do when I work out, and no more rubbing.

Elliptical! That's it!