Monday, December 22, 2008


I guess that could mean two things, and both would be true! I am behind on my posts, and I am going to talk about my behind. HA!

Life just seemed to get away from me here. I did my big craft fair and came out ahead! Things went really well. I sold cupcake bits, and cakesicles, the mason jars of cookie mixes, and muffins that well, I deep fry. Yes, you read that correctly. Deep fried. They are AMAZING! I use one of my own muffin recipes, make a buttermilk batter and there ya go. The other amazing thing about it, was that I sold out of them. TWICE! People loved them, they would come in from the other parts of the fair looking for what was making the "wonderful smell". I had a lot of fun doing it too. And I got invited back to do it again next year.

After that insane weekend, I took a week to recup, and then to clean and get ready for out of town visitors and Train Junkies birthday. I am now the mom of a 5 yr old. Which I have to say absolutely blows my mind. When did he grow up? And this morning? His first loose tooth appeared.

On to my "fitness". I finally got my Turbo Jam dvd in the mail. Its a lot of fun, and I love it. I did HORRIBLY on my soda intake. When I bake, and bake continually, I basically inhale diet soda. And then inevitably pay for it. Although I will say that I finally broke down and bought another pair of jeans. I dread shopping for jeans. Talk about a buzz kill. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do and to have to shop for jeans just upsets me. Either they are so low waisted, there is no hope of pulling them over my behind, or they fit and are miles too long. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair I really liked, and then to discover they are an 8!! Its been a LOOOONG time since I was an 8, so I know things are definitely looking up. What also added to my weight loss, was our whole violently ill episode this past week. I have never been so sick, and hope to never be that sick ever again. Hubby told me afterward, that I asked if I was dying. I ended up not eating for about 2-3 days. And then ended up in the Dr.'s office for kidney stones. Remember when I said I had paid for the soda? Yeah. So now I am doing water, lots of water. And diet Sprite. Which isn't the same as diet Coke, not even remotely.
Its nice to know I have a reprieve for 3 weeks before checking in for the final time for Fit Friday. I will be working my behind off, literally!! See ya all in 3 weeks. Although hopefully I will post something between now and then!

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sarahgrace said...

OH no! kidney stones! That sucks! I'm so sorry.

But I'm glad that you did so well with your big holiday fair! That is so cool, and those cupcakes sound delish! I want to try one!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas!