Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Do you ever wish you were independently wealthy? Right now, I do. Simply because I would bring someone in to clean the entire house, top to bottom. And then I would hire a nanny to relieve me once a week so I could recoup. Let's face it, I need a break. Although I suppose if we were wealthy, then the Hubster wouldn't be in the Navy, thus he would not be in Iraq right now, and I would have help!
Ok, so maybe instead I wish the Hubster was not in the Navy. Its tough being on your own with 3 crazies. Especially when most of the people I know are also military. I might need help, but can't bring myself to ask for help from my friends that I know are busy.
Before it was a little simpler, as there were only 2 crazies. And finding a sitter for 2 is easier then finding one for 3 who doesn't want to bleed you dry. And really, if I am going to pay someone $10+ an hour, then I had better come home to a spotless house and all the toys picked up. Can you tell that the last one I hired did none of that?
Then to make things more fun, I really want to get the Bake Shoppe a small client list started. I kind of thrive on chaos, business chaos that is. When I do get a chance to work, I love to be crazy busy. Because then I go full speed ahead in a nice groove.
I should be blogging on my Bake Shoppe blog. Hopefully I can maintain there, and here. I wouldn't want to disappoint my "reader"!