Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not Exactly Missing In Action

Man, this has been one long week. Sickness in the form of a cold or the flu invaded my body and then knocked me on my rear. Sneezy, achy, stuffy, miserable. I felt like my head was going to explode. I didn't work out. I could barely drag myself off the couch, only to care for my kiddos. On the bright side, I hardly ate! And stuck to my soda regimen. Hubby swears my rear is much smaller. As well as the "saggy I last carried an almost 10 lb baby" flab. All good things. I needed a speedy recovery though. I have a rather nice size event I am vending my wares at. Its a upscale designer jewelery show called Glitter. I and another baker (she has been doing this a lot longer than me!) will be THE ONLY food vendors there. Scary. Exciting.
This happens Wednesday, so tonight I am heading into the commercial kitchen to get as much stuff done as I can.
Hubby's birthday is Wednesday too. Having checked with him, he has agreed to celebrating on Thursday. On the menu? Pot Roast complete with carrots and potatoes, and a cherry pie. Which is his very favorite. Although I tried to convince him that what he really wants is a cake that looks like a tank. I am trying to perfect my fondant skills here! I gave in, it is his birthday! But I get to make the cake and send him to work with it.


Still here? I took a break and did a 30 minute workout, hip hop, if you were interested. I have no rhythm. Seriously. But it is fun, and gets my heart rate up. Even if I don't look quite so posh doing it. In the long run, I will look Hot for the Holidays! Besides, my favorite jeans are looking just a little too broken in, and I really want to be in my jeans that are just waiting to be pulled on.

Ok, I have some things to print up and get pulled together for a long work night tonight. Maybe it will snow at some point.

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sarahgrace said...

Woah! You are a busy woman, and I hope you are feeling better for all your work you have coming up!
I hope you took pictures of the cake!