Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Slaves To Trains

As many of you know, trains are the ruling favorite of a certain 3 yr old in our house. It is constant and all consuming. Everything and anything is subject to becoming a train at any given moment. We have tried to teach him his full name, you know, first middle and last. But if you call him that, he says "No, I am just N**H The Big Boy Engineer of Fast Trains" Which would be a great name should he decide to become a wrestler of some sort. He loves, no, let me rephrase that LOVES freight trains, and when it is available OnDemand (or as I call it, OnOccasion) he wants to watch it all day long. Its this incredibly long and boring documentary on the History Channel OnDemand about Freight Trains. Puts me in a coma in minutes.
Thomas holds a special place in his heart, but at this time Thomas is NOTHING in comparison to his new (old, but re-found) train video. We were cleaning out closets and repacking boxes for our inter-complex move to a lower level entrance townhome, and we came across a box with VHS videos in it. And there on top was the video that I am sure Mamaw (My MIL) bought for the train junkie. Its called Fast Trains, and is this cheesy 30 minute video about, you guessed it, trains. And since its unearthing Sunday, Train Junkie has watched it at least 17 times. If he could rewind and rewatch all day long, he would. But I make him take a break, he can watch 2 times in a row, then it goes off for a while and he needs to go play for a while in the playroom. At night, it goes into its box and resides by his side in his bed. Yes, in addition to the SEVERAL hard metal trains, a big plastic elephant and one airplance, Train Junkie now sleeps with a VHS video. Maybe so he can absorb the video into his brain in his sleep. I am hoping that if he sleeps with it long enough, it will just be on a constant loop in his head and I won't have to play it anymore.
As for my Little Guy, he has spent the morning back and forth between me, his brother and the incredibly fascinating GI-NORMOUS roach hanging out on my ceiling. I am not even going to attempt to get it. I am 35 weeks pregnant. And short. So I don't really see myself standing on a chair and trying to stretch and reach to get it. And so while we wait for hubby to get home, my Little Guy has named it Ant, or The Bug, and has carried on a very elaborate conversation with me about how its a nice bug, "Its very BEWTIFUL, and will not steal my milk cup, mommy!" and how its sad and misses its "famwee"
I have been trying to movitate myself to finish what I need to do online, not fall asleep, endure some contractions, and since I have cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast, I have some baking to work on. But that requires standing, which requires dealing with the INTENSE pressure in my pelvic area, not to mention encourages an extremely quick rush of fluid to my bladder and cause me to run to the bathroom. Which is why I am still sitting here. Imagine that.
What is going on in your house today?

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sarahgrace said...

Sounds all to familiar...just switch the train obsession with Star Wars...and there you have it...minus the roach thankfully!