Friday, June 22, 2007

Making Money

I know I have mentioned before that I signed up and have been occasionally writing posts for make money blogging. This will be my 4th post for this site, my first 3 have already been paid. Not that I have made too much money, but thats more on me since I have to write to make it happen! There are tons of opportunities to choose from and the higher my ratings get with Google and Technorati, the more likely I am to get higher paying opportunities. My earnings as of now are about $17. Everything goes into Paypal, and I can deposit it into our bank account from there. The purpose of posting for payperpost is to make some extra money to go towards paying down our debt. Every little bit helps!
I think what I love most about this site, is that it really does pay! And the guidelines for each post are easy to follow. Should they find something that needs correcting, they give you a chance to take care of it and still make some moo-lah! I highly suggest you all head on over there, get your blog approved and get to writing! Its easy and its fun!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

You're right, every little bit helps! Good for you, hope this earns you a lot more :)