Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Need To Fix Something I Said

It would appear that my MIL (Mamaw to the boys) stumbled upon my blog. Not that I was trying to hide it from anyone. Anyway in the post below this one I wrote we had a huge disappointment, followed by my saying my in laws were coming. I in no way was trying to say that was the disappointment. We were disappointed that hubby was not coming home as we thought he was. We were not in anyway disappointed they came. I am so sad that this was taken that way, and I am afraid I have really hurt her. I am apologizing to you all if you took it that way. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to mend what I accidentally broke???

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sarahgrace said...

I think as long as you communicate about it, and tell her what you really meant, like you've done here- that's all you can do. I didn't take it that way did kind of seem that way at first and then I realized you were talking about the fact that your hubby was possibly going to be out until April. That to me, was the obvious huge disappointment.
Hope everything mends well between you and your MIL! : )