Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Musings on BYU

In my random strolling through the blogosphere, I came across at Melissa's Musings. It was an interesting post concerning something that I had yet to hear about. The two graduations that BYU is holding so the more democratic of students do not have to be subjected to the guest speaker, Dick Cheney. I enjoyed the "musings" on the subject and after reading it, didn't feel like I needed to visit the link at the top of the post. Each point was clearly stated, and backed up with a concise and well thought out, well, thought!
In reading Melissa's post, I felt better informed on the subject, and did not feel like I was being persuaded to share her viewpoints. Now who doesn't like that? It is a sad thing that a students graduation is being marred by political views that have no place in that auditorium. Should there also be different schools and classes for students of each political group so they wouldn't have to listen to, say a Democratic Professor and the said student is a Republican? As Melissa so eloquently put it,"I think fellow students deserve the respect of having their graduation be about them and the celebration of their success without it being all about politics."

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