Monday, April 16, 2007

Is it Monday Already??

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I was all prepared yesterday to go to do my grocery shopping, except I needed a paper. Coupons, you know! So on our way to the grocery, and because my boys were suddenly STARVING, we pulled into Mickey D's for some chicken nuggets and a paper from the paper box. Which consequently, if I have the change, I prefer to get the paper from because buying it at the Grocery Store requires me to pay SALES TAX!!! Explain to me why I have to pay sales tax there, but not at the little box thing. Thats just silly. But, my little guy had fallen asleep, and my oldest decided he really REALLY needed the bathroom. And he asked, quite nicely, if we could JUST go home! I replied, YES!
And then of course I left the paper with the coupons in the car, and it was so very windy last night that the parking lot lights were out in our complex. So instead I sat at the computer and my hubby and I played email tag! Which was fun and a blessing I really needed. We can't IM, his ships computers don't do that. And as they are still not to their destination, he can't call me either. But we JUST SO HAPPENED (such a God thing) to be at the computer at the same time, he sent me an email, I answered him, and we went back and forth like that for about an hour.
So this morning, I can't find my grocery list I so painstakingly made yesterday with my menu on it for the week. But I think I have reconstructed it to the best of my remembering abilities! Here we go:

Monday: Pizza Pancakes this is carried over from last week, I felt like making Strawberry French Toast instead
Tuesday: Corndog Casserole (New Recipe I thought we might try)
Wednesday: Tortellini in Marinara sauce
Thursday: Crockpot Tamale Casserole (from here)
Friday: Our old standby Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (I have discovered I really LOVE Cheddar Jack Cheezits crunched up in the soup, YUM!)
Saturday: We may eat out if I am up to it

I have plans to make Caramel Apple Bars this week for the boys, and hopefully get around to the cookie dough in my fridge. I will take the time to post the Oatmeal Bread from my mom later this week. Sorry it is taking so long....


Anonymous said...

Wow, how was the strawberry french toast? Sounds wonderful! What goes in to pizza pancakes? Sounds like something my kids would adore!

And Cheddar Jack Cheezits sounds really GOOD in tomato soup! I bet they would be good on top of chili or taco soup as well! Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Your menu has great ideas! Thanks for visiting my blog.


annie said...

Your menu looks great!
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!

Rona's Home Page said...

I loved reading about your moment in the car. I've actually left the coupons and my list in the car just too many times to mention! lol
Yummy menu plan. You have a blessed week.

Marcia Francois said...

I also loved reading about your time in the car - too funny.

I love the look of your blog! The strawberry french toast sounds yum!!!

Janne said...

Thank you for your words of support regarding my daughter, Audrey. (((HUGS)))

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I had to laugh reading your prologue! I "pride" myself on being organized, but I have done this many times also. Left lists, left coupons, write out a menu on a piece of paper that I later can't find. Never fear, you are never alone :) I'm so glad you "caught" your hubby online and you guys got to email. Hope he gets to his destination soon, so you can IM some :)

Now, the menu. It all sounds really good to me! Corndog casserole sounds really interesting, post it if it is good, LOL! I love tortellini, and that tamale casserole sounds good. We do tomato soup/grill cheese a lot. I'll have to remember the Cheesezit tip, thanks! And oh my, the stuff you are going to bake sounds so good! I have a terrible sweet tooth, so apple bars, cookies, oatmeal bread all sounds divine to me!

Have a wonderful week :)

alisonwonderland said...

your week looks yummy! enjoy!