Sunday, April 15, 2007

God Our Father

I noticed the other day at lunch time, that my boys were singing something. My oldest I can usually understand, while my 2 yr old can be a little, well more difficult at times. And while my oldest was singing nicely over his meal, my 2 yr old was SCREAMING at his. And all I could make out was GOD! IS! IN! THE! BEDDING!!! Ok, um.... WHAT??? I finally figured out that my 3yr old had learned a little song for Grace at MOPS.
God our Father, God our Father,
Once again, Once again,
Thank you for our blessings,
Thank you for our blessings,
Amen, Amen
Now how cute is that? While we have taught our children to say grace at mealtimes, we have gone the improv route. Just like we do in our night time prayers. We have the boys thank God for family, let them add in their own personal messages, and then the usual keep us safe, and help us be good. I want them to be able to put together their own prayers. That while the rhymes and memorized ones can be nice, I want them to think, Oh hey I need to pray for such and such. Which they do.
So this morning at about 8:20am, I was awakened ONCE AGAIN, by my two yr old. Now lately, and I am not entire sure why, he has decided that he wants NO part of sleeping in his big boy bed. We still have the crib up in the other bedroom, for bad nights, and when he can't seem to stay in his own bed. And usually he does not like the thought of being in the crib. But two nights ago, my little guy was in tears, big giant tears rolling down his little cheeks and soaking the collar of his shirt.
"I don't WANT to sleep in my bed Mommy, No Thank you Mommy"
"Well, where are you going to sleep?"
"I wanna sleep in my CWIB, Mommy, No thank you for bed Mommy"
I finally got out of him, that he had had a bad dream and didn't want to be in that bed. So I gave in. I was tired, and I just wanted him to go to sleep.
So once again, last night, after prayers and stories, he asked to be transfered to the crib. I obliged him. He slept through the night, and woke me up with a ROUSING rendition of GOD! OUR! FATHER!! Loudly and several times through! I will admit, I had a big smile on my face.


alisonwonderland said...

some days i'm really glad that i have kids to remind me of the important things - like remembering to praise God and knowing that our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers! thanks for sharing your experience!

sarahgrace said...

I'd rather be woken up by the sounds of an exuberant toddler than other ways!
And I hear ya, I've been trying to ween my 2 year old off of his bottle, which he has to have in order to go to sleep, but if it means I'm going to be missing out on sleep, I just let him have it...