Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

We had our own little mini Easter Miracle this weekend. My hubby was supposed to leave on Friday for Scotland for 6 weeks with his ship. Which was why we had planned our Easter Celebrations for earlier in the week. I had bought the Honey Baked Ham on Monday. They sell a Mini one now, which is perfect for us! And Wednesday we had our Easter dinner, talked a little bit about the reason for Easter to our little ones, and gave them their Easter baskets. Thursday we went and had dinner with DH on his ship because he had watch, and then Friday we picked him up early for breakfast. He needed to be back on the ship by noon, so we had a little time to run errands and just spend it together as a family. It was a nice little treat and unexpected. After we dropped him off, the boys and I went home. A few hours later, hubby called and said I could come and pick him up, there had been a minor fire and they wouldn't be leaving that day! So we got to have him home one more night! And the boys got to go to an Easter Egg hunt after all! I am so thankful we got that little extra bit of unexpected time! What a blessing.
I think my 3 yr old is a little confused about Easter. I told him we were going to hunt Easter eggs, and he said, I love Easter Mommy, when can we go to Easter's house?
Today is Easter Sunday, and we have spent a quiet day at home. The boys have been playing while I have been getting some stuff done online. And LUCKY US!! There has been a Shirley Temple Marathon on all day long! I LOVED Shirley Temple when I was little. My boys have been enjoying it as well. My oldest (3 yr old) has been loving the songs and asked me if it was his little friend Ruth! Whom does look remarkably like Miss Shirley! I said, No, this was Shirley Temple, do you like her? And my sons quick reply was "Oh YES Mommy, I think I LOVE her!"

I guess I know what his type is for now, really cute, with curly hair...
Watch out ladies, here comes my little heartbreaker!!

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sarahgrace said...

You're not kidding!! What a cutie....glad you got to have an extra day with your hubby! Happy Easter to you : )

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, what a great picture! Too cute :)

So glad you got to spend some extra time with your husband before they left. Bet the egg hunt was fun :)

Have a great day and week!!!