Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prayer Changes Things

I had a hard time last night. Yesterday was my Dad's biopsy for the tumor in his thryoid. They did it without any local, and went in about 7 times. So he is very sore. They should know results on Friday. If everything is ok in that area, then Monday they are going to go into his leg, biopsy and remove, and then insert the steel rod.
Then I heard about Heather. And my heart broke all over again. They have discovered what looks to be a cancerous brain tumor. She goes in today to look over the scan and get a better explanation before she sees a neurologist on Thursday. Their family has been through so much already, and I know that God will not give them more than they can handle. But it still hurts to hear that someone whom I count as a dear friend, has to go through this.
So this morning, I hug my boys a little tighter (they are too young to really protest it yet!) and thank God for my life. It is such a fragile thing, and you don't really realize it until someone, or two someones in my case, are faced with their own mortality. I charge all of you to lift her up in your prayers. Pray hard for this family that has already endured a lifetime of pain. Cover them with Gods grace and mercy.

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