Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Someone Asked Me....

Someone asked me today if I had begun NESTING yet. And my dh has been insisting that I am. For those of you who have forgotten, nesting is that intense and uncontrollable desire to bake and make your home, well, more homey! I have been baking like crazy lately.
Yesterday I decided when I got up, that I needed to make Raspberry Scones for breakfast. So I did. And oddly enough I just so happened to have some Devonshire Cream laying around. Which on its own, is pretty bland. But when you put it with Strawberry Jam, its quite tasty. I even had an afternoon snack, or is it tea... with warmed scones, devonshire cream and strawberry jam. I felt very refined as I sat at my desk working on an article. And my also "refined" children clamored for bites of sophisticated scone. And by "refined" I mean "hooligan"! They are tired, and cranky after MOPS today. They miss their Daddy. But at least the bits of scone helped to calm them down a bit. Made the crashes and squeals seem more elegant, DONCHA KNOW!
I also made my moms Oatmeal Bread yesterday afternoon. Cuz I am a GOOD mom, who makes healthy things regularly for her children. Its actually pretty good, and the boys enjoyed it in their lunches today with a bit of butter on it.
I still have some cookies in the fridge I can bake up at the slightest whim. Which I may do this evening. Because as a WAHM, with 2 kids, another one on the way, a business and an EZine to manage, and a hubby deployed for six weeks, I have nothing better to do than make fresh tasty cookies for my loving family!
I have been cleaning and vacuuming like crazy, doing laundry and picking up after the boys. I am EXHAUSTED! But I can't seem to stop.
Oh, and with DH gone for a little while, I am the.... DUM DA DA DUM.... KILLER OF BUGS!! Because frankly, who else is going to do it? My youngest is worse than I am. And all bugs are one of two things to him. Either an Icky Pider or an ANTER. If it is tiny and even remotely looks like it might have legs, its an ANTER. He can be sitting on the potty, THINK he sees something move, and its "MOMMY its an ANTER, get the ANTER MOMMY!!!"
This morning, he was apparently being VICIOUSLY attacked by a Fruity Pebble. I was trying to get ready, and was not moving quickly enough to get the rogue, although bug-like piece of cereal that could at any moment, EAT my child. So I turn to see my 2 yr old, stab it with a tissue and VICTORIOUSLY catch it and throw it in the potty!
Oh, pieces of Fruity Pebbles BEWARE!! My little guy knows you are out there lurking with the other ANTERS, and HE WILL TRACK YOU DOWN!!!


sarahgrace said...

Hee hee hee. I haven't started nesting yet myself, but I do take advantage of those surges of energy when they come.

org junkie said...

Too funny! My nesting never went away...well except my nesting only included organizing, never baking...gee what a shock I know!

Please share the oatmeal bread recipe!!!