Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What A Day!

Today was the first day of MOPS. I decided this year to finally do it because I want to be able to get the boys out of the house and interact with other kids. And the plus side being that I get some fellowship and a message of sorts. I got almost everything ready last night, I had bought each of my boys their very own backpacks, Thomas for my oldest and Cars for my youngest. I had to put in a change of clothes and pack a lunch. Except for their sandwiches. I saved that for this morning. I laid out their clothes and thought we were good. Of course, things never work out the way you think they will! We got up this morning, and breakfast did not go as planned. My oldest fussed and fretted and refused cereal. Normally he will eat whatever I give him, but this morning, it was No I don't like cereal, and "tell me I don't have to have cereal Mommy" he wanted NOODLES. For breakfast. EEEEWWWW!! We hopped in the shower, got out and got dressed, well, I got dressed, my oldest got dressed and I chased my youngest around with a shirt, undies and pants. I think ok, now we are ready! Wrong! I forgot I had to make juices, and stop and get gas and OH! I still hadn't called to get directions. Yeah, that would be helpful!
I did manage to get there, just under the wire. The boys enjoyed their classes, and I enjoyed the group. It was so nice to sit there with other women, and just be. There will be crafts each week, and they serve a ChikFilA breakfast sandwich. (my hubby will be so jealous!) Afterwards, the church is so huge, they have a cafeteria! I can sit and have lunch with friends afterwards while the boys are still in class. Talk about a wonderful idea. God BLESS the women who came up with MOPS!
Afterwards we headed home, now I have to add that my oldest son has for some odd reason decided that the downtown area of where we live is called China. I have no idea where this came from, but on the way home, he was so sad because we were leaving China!
I laid my little guy down because he was fast asleep, and let my oldest watch Backyardigans in our bedroom. Ahhhh, a nice little bit of more time to myself. I am thinking "I can do this, I can take my boys out on my own, and have a nice day" our puppy guest did well while we were gone. I had bought two baby gates and put them on either end of the kitchen. So I put him in there with his toys, water, and a little bit of food, as well as a puppy pad. He peed on the pad! I thought, I can do this, We could plausibly get a puppy and it would be ok while Damon is gone on his ship. I took the boys out with the puppy yesterday for a little walk and it went well. I figured we could do it again today, I needed to get the trash out, the boys and the puppy would get some fresh air before the storm came. Things were good, I was on top of it! Damon would be SO PROUD!! Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong.
The boys went to the potty, we got shoes and socks back on and put the leash on the puppy. I also needed to take the trash out. I want you all to picture this, I am 16 weeks pregnant, my boys are 2 and 3. There is a puppy on a leash that is scared to go down the stairs unless he is carried. And I have two BIG bags of trash. Can you see it? Needless to say, this was a catastrophe waiting to happen. I got the boys down the stairs, along with the trash. But the silly puppy wouldn't come down the stairs. My oldest took it upon himself to try and get Bowie down the stairs. No luck. So I had to run up and grab him. My youngest takes off RUNNING. Across the parking lot. I am yelling, COME BACK HERE NOW!!! My oldest sits down in the dirt and starts playing, I am lugging two bags of trash and a puppy chasing my youngest. Finally I rounded one up, and got them back on the grass, and started heading towards the dumpsters. I must have looked incredibly stressed out, because the lady in the apartment on the end waved me to go to the dumpster and she would keep and eye on the boys. I was so grateful.
Ok, but I still was not back up the stairs yet, and I know this is a VERY long story at this point! I go to grab the boys and they both take off running in OPPOSITE directions. I am exhausted just writing it back down. I managed to catch the youngest, the lady grabbed the puppy, and I went off after my oldest. He was ALL the way around the corner of the little group of apartments we are in. I got him and went back around the corner to get the puppy. Thankfully the lady walked the dog back over for me while I had a hold of the boys. I sent my oldest up the stairs and carried the puppy and walked the youngest. The lady was nice enough to offer to watch the boys on occasion if I ever needed to run to the store or something. So nice.
Never again! I am never doing that again. Now, the puppy goes home on Friday. And we love having him, but I am not taking the boys and the puppy for a walk again. Oh my word! And to think I had bought a couple of weeks ago a prenatal workout DVD. Because I thought I was not going to be getting enough exercise. YEAH RIGHT!

I forgot to post a picture of our Valentines Day Dessert the Chocolate Pillows with the Cherry Sauce and Vanilla ice cream, so here is that!

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And here is a picture of puppy Bowie!

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Cat said...

MMMMM the dessert looks great!!! and what an addorable puppy!!!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Becky said...

That dessert sure does look good! Boy, you wore me out just reading this! What a nice neighbor to offer to help you out! I have two great neighbors and we take turns helping out with the kids...they are a God send for sure! Happy Valentines Day!!!

Amy W said...

MOPS truly is wonderful. A sanity saver for me even if it about "kills" me to get us all there sometimes.
It is well worth it!

sarahgrace said...

Hee hee hee, and I am only laughing because I can sooooo relate! My 2 year old can run so fast, and I'm just praying he doesn't decide to take off someday when I'm as big as whale, and most certainly will not be able to catch him...