Sunday, February 4, 2007

I Think They Might Be Gone?

Its funny the things that motivate us to take action. We have been fighting this flea issue for quite a while now, trying to be careful how we did it because we wanted our boys to be safe. We purchased Brewers Yeast about a week ago, and began sprinkling it on our cats food. For those of you unfamiliar with Brewers Yeast, you can get it at the Health Food store. It is mainly all the B vitamins together and helps to boost your metabolism. And now Cordelia (the cat) is a little hyper! The reason you give it to your cat is that supposedly fleas don't like the taste of it in their blood and will start to leave her alone.
I would imagine however, that it takes a few days for it to work its way into her system. Because she still had them!
Friday, Damon got to come home from work at 8am. Which was great! I got to sleep in a little bit. When I got up we were talking about how on Tuesday, they are going out for about 2 weeks. Oddly enough, and maybe not so odd, there are about 5 people who will not be going due to various "accidents". Hands cut, fingers broken, etc. One of Damon's friends isn't going for a different reason, although I am not quite sure why. Anyway, the point of all this is that he will be gone from his house for about 7 days and has just recently got a dachsund puppy! And I get to puppy sit it!
So when I heard this on Friday, we decided we had to FINALLY do something about these ridiculous FLEAS! And since we had all day, we had to do it all! We had bought some powder called Flea Busters a while back, but you have to leave to house for about 8 hours after you put it on, and then vacuum it up when you come back. So we got everybody ready, decided to run our cat by the Vet for a treatment, (a great little pill that makes all the fleas fall off dead, don't know why no one gave us this before....) take Cordelia back to the house and put her in her room, and then head to St Augustine for the day! The pill worked wonders, and the carpet definitely seems to be in much better shape. And we had a lot of fun in one of our favorite places! All this, so that when I doggy sit in a couple of days, this puppy doesn't go home with fleas!

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