Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Happy Early Valentines Day!

Last night we did our Valentines Day dinner, because this morning my dh went out on his ship for 17 days. Meaning we would miss Valentines Day AGAIN!! We missed it last year because he had just been deployed for 6 months. He had already given me my gift, we just wanted to have a nice dinner and exchange cards. We always do one funny one, and one "romantical" one! The Chicken Kiev turned out really good, needed a little something though. Not unusual for me though, I can't take anything really bland right now. I had also made Asiago Cheese Bread, which turned out SO YUMMY!! Damon had made cherry sauce for the dessert, which he LOVES, and we usually make at Christmas for our ham. So he discovered that dipping the bread in the cherry sauce (sounds weird, I know!) is super tastey!
And for dessert... OH MY WORD!!! I had decided that I was going to make Chocolate Pillows, which basically is just a chunk of dark baking chocolate between two wonton wrappers. Then fried for a minute or two in hot oil and served with Vanilla Icecream and the cherry sauce.
I COULD NOT FIND ANY WONTON WRAPPERS!!!! At least not at the grocery store we shop at. So instead I picked up some of the Puff Pastry sheets in the freezer section! They were SO GOOD! I broke the sheets into little squares and placed a piece of chocolate in the center and then pulled up the corners to meet on top, then baked them in the oven for about 10-11 minutes. These were so wonderful, a simple, but amazing dessert. And it looked pretty too! I served them in pink heart shaped dishes with Cherry sauce drizzled over the ice cream and puff pastry. I was going to take a picture last night, but my dh didn't want to wait for me to take a picture to post here! So I will recreate it tonight, just for the sake of a picture of course....

All in all, we had a nice quiet evening, the boys were in bed while we had dinner and it was nice to just be together.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

That all sounds so good, especially the cherry sauce and the chocolate pillows. V-Day is definitely my kind of holiday, it's all about the sweets and desserts :)

I'm so sorry your hubby won't be here for V-day (mine won't either, will be out of town on business), but I'm so glad you guys got to celebrate early. 17 days sounds like a long time, but 6 months is a ton worse! Hang in there, he'll be back before you know it :)