Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Only Have A Minute!

Barely that. After talking myself in and out of attending our church's M.O.M.S group at the park every time I woke up last night, I finally decided to go. I knew once I told the boys we were going to the park, and that one of their favorite little friends would be there too, there shouldn't be too much fight in the getting dressed process. So you would think. My oldest has grown VERY attached to this shirt he got from his cousin. Its mostly white with orange short sleeves and an elephant in various shades of orange on the front. He LOVES this shirt. He sleeps in it, then I wash it and he wears it during the day.
He wore it last night to bed, and I figured since he was clean when he went to sleep, he could wear it today. Until I discovered he had gotten into my desk before I got up and drawn all over it with a dry erase marker. I made him change, and OH MY HEAVENS I think I commited the unpardonable sin! I told him he couldn't wear it to the park, but could put it back on when we got home. He wanted to take it in the car and change after he was done at the park....
And then my little guy wanted to go pantsless to the park. Ummmm, yeah.... NO! I don't think so! But we finally got there and they had a great time. It was nice to be out in the sunshine (it was actually kind of warm out, my little guy was sweaty in a shirt and pants) and fresh air. Plus I think it will help the day go by a lot quicker. And it was nice to meet some moms from our church!
And now I should be cleaning like a mad woman, and getting my house back in order. Am I motivated? At this moment, no. I am tired from the park expedition, and then the store and now home.
Here is my one vent for the day! When I got home, the UPS man was sitting right in the middle of the parking lot. Blocking the 5 EMPTY spots right in front of our apartment. I had to get the boys upstairs and a few groceries too. But instead I am just sitting there. I honked my horn to get his attention to move his truck. Nothing. Pretty soon I see him coming from upstairs, which is where we live. So I rolled down my window to get his attention. He still had the packages and since my little guys birthday is tomorrow I figured they were for us. But he ignored me, got back in the truck and drove off. I had to get the boys and the groceries upstairs and there was of course a little note saying they would be left at the office. And since I had just gotten the boys out of the car and up the stairs I was not about to go and put them back in the car to get packages he could have just handed to me!!! But, deep breath, its all good. I will get my house together, have a nice evening and we will be able to get Damon in the morning! YAY!!

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