Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So Tired

These past couple of days have been crazy busy here in our little household. I feel like I have been going non-stop! We were supposed to meet a girl to interview to sit for us for lunch, she was a no show. But that was due mostly in part to her being sick the night before and yahoo being what it is, I had no idea! Tuesday was MOPS. Always a good time, and the boys and I really enjoy this. But we get home in the afternoon and time seems to fly right past us. Today I scheduled a spur of the moment visit to a Preschool we have in mind for our oldest guy. Followed by finally meeting our girl for lunch.
My son LOVED the Preschool and if he could, would go tomorrow! He was so excited and loved looking in the classrooms with the other kids. He also got to play on the playground for a few minutes with the 3yr old class. He listened closely to the lady giving the tour and was very obedient. It uses Christian curriculum which is SUPER important to us, and the price is just right! Then since I needed to pick up some legal pads for my business, we ran by Target because we were a little early for our lunch meeting. Of course I bought more than I intended. Can someone tell me if they have EVER gone into Target and ONLY bought what they went in for??
They have EASTER stuff out! Of course I had to get a few things....
From there we went to lunch at Panera's. The sitter to be was running a little late so I got the boys and I started on lunch. Well, they were done by the time she and her son arrived. So they were getting BORED. As little guys will. The new sitter was very sweet and I know she will work out great. The boys warmed right up to her. But as time passed they got very restless and we were soon trying to keep them from running all over the restaurant. Tough work! I have absolutely NO NEED for a gym or an exercise video at this point.
We came home, and my goal was to start pulling stuff together for an out of town client who is flying in tonight and I will be meeting with this weekend, as well as get the house picked up for the sitter. I was checking my email, only to discover my client last minute had decided she also wanted to meet with some of the photographers and the 2 florists I had sent her info on a MONTH ago. Just now. The day before. Yeah, like they have nothing better to do than to wait for me to bring them clients. So I have been scrambling to schedule MORE, yes you read that correctly, MORE VENDORS. Which has been near to impossible. Where we live, it is almost always considered Wedding Season. And most vendors are either working at a wedding on the weekend, or with their families. Which I understand. And had she given me a little more notice, I may have been able to schedule something. But certainly not the day before. I did my part, but she needs to do hers as well. I managed to squeeze in two on Saturday morning. I am EXHAUSTED. This woman is tiring me out and I have not even met her in person yet.
In the middle of all this, I discovered my young guy, who was supposed to be napping, had LOCKED himself in his room. And its not the type of lock where you just turn the little knobby thing. No, you have to push on the door knob and turn it to lock it. I couldn't get him to do it again. So I took the door knob off. And then promptly called my dad. My poor guy was trying to help and sticking his little fingers under the door. I finally got it to unlock and he was so happy to finally be free!
Now it is close to when I usually start dinner and I haven't cleaned anything yet. I am so very tired, I am not done putting together things for my client, and I need to clean up and organize my desk space. Procrastination does not pay people! Alright, I am getting up and getting to work! I am sure I will have some GREAT stories after this weekend. Notes will be taken, and I may post some pics if I can find my battery charger for my camera!


sarahgrace said...

Sounds soooo familiar! And procrastination...I think you have too much going on to have a chance to procrastinate... ;) Hang in there...the energy will return soon (right?)

Becky said...

Girl, you wear me out just reading this! How are pregnant and doing so much? Good luck with your client...could they not have decided sooner or were they just trying to torcher you? :)

alisonwonderland said...

phew! i thought i was tired!

LOL about Target! i can totally relate to that.

hang in there - looking forward to the stories and pics!