Saturday, February 10, 2007

Look Mom! No hands!!

When I got up this morning, I was on a mission. Usually when hubby is gone on his boat, I tend to not venture out of the house unless I absolutely have to. I become a hermit so to speak. Not because I am introverted or anything, but mostly because it is such a BIG task getting my boys, and myself ready to head out the door. I simply don't have the energy to fight with them to get dressed, and chase them around to put shoes and socks on several times. I say several times because by the time I have moved from one to the other, the first kid is pulling his shoes and socks back off! Fun for the WHOLE family! Then there is getting them down the stairs and into the car, and then getting to the store/mall and either trying to get them to stay in the stroller or the shopping cart! And since I am pregnant, I am usually not up for that kind of Triathlon.
But this morning, I had things to do! I needed foundation, and Estee Lauder at Dillards was having a FREE GIFT with purchase. My last bottle of foundation lasted over a year so it was time for a new bottle. Then, I had found an ad in the weekly ads for Contact Lenses (4 boxes at 16.45 a box!) I hadn't bought any since I had my eyes checked oh... about 5 months ago. I had gotten new glasses that I really liked, and I felt like I needed to give my eyes a break. Well, great deal, break over! I needed to get V-day gifts for the boys as well as a few items from the grocery store.
So I figured, God would give me the strength to do this, and if all was successful, I would even attempt church tomorrow! We all hopped in the shower, got ready in record time (for us) and headed out the door! With not much whining, I got my errands done, the boys did so great, and while I did manage to forget a few REALLY important items from Target, we made it home in one piece! I let the boys pick out their V-day gifts, and I know most of you are now shaking your heads in pity, they were fairly easy to please. They both picked out this little stuffed elephant that was supposed to be a gift card holder, it was on sale for .34 cents a piece! Then they eached picked a Elmo Valentines day book, and I got a Pooh bear DVD about love and friendship. Of course I also had to pick up some of the CUTER than CUTE melamine Valentines plates they had on sale for $2 each, and a $1 heart garland.
They have forgotten about the elephant and the book, so I will give it to them at breakfast on Wednesday, and we will make cookies and cupcakes together and decorate them! Which is perfect because they are staying with a wonderful friend for a half an hour on Thursday morning, and now we can bring her some treats! And I know you will read this, and YES I am bringing you some!!

I am off to hang out with my little guys, and read my book before bedtime!

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sarahgrace said...

Boy, do I know how you feel about getting both boys ready to go somewhere and just not having the energy because you're pregnant! I did the same today, and it went extraordinarily well for me too...whoo! Happy Valentine's Day to you all. : )