Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

It is Valentines Day! I was dragged out of bed this morning by two little boys telling me they "had a GOOD snooze!" Well, when do I get one? Anyway I made cinnamon toast with little hearts cut out of them and strawberry slices. Very yummy! I gave the boys their little V-day gifts we had gotten at Target the other day, I had tucked them away because they had forgotten about them. They were happy to see them, and my oldest came over and said "Its Valntins (how is sounded) Day THANK YOU MOMMY!!" They were grounded yesterday from the TV today for getting into the bathroom and spraying shaving cream and water everywhere (this is with childlocks on the door!) so they didn't get to watch any of the cute little shows on today. But they have been playing like crazy all through the house. I cleaned up their toys and got the kitchen cleaned up and I am getting ready to put some Valentines Day cookies in the oven!
So far, besides the thank you from my oldest, the highlight of the day was a call from my hubby! His ship is still out and will be until next week. I thought he wouldn't be able to call today, so it was a nice surprise!
I should be working today on calling vendors, but it is V-day and I know they will all have their hands full, so I am off to start the dishwasher and heat up my oven!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL VALENTINES DAY!!!
What was the highlight of your day?


Shellie said...

Happy V'Day, Shayna!! =)

Rona's Home Page said...

My highlight was getting a hug from our teenage son. Happy Valentine's Day!