Friday, August 28, 2009

Casanova and Poptarts

How young is too young for my boys to start checking out the "ladies"? Tj has his eye on one of our neighbors daughters. Its pretty cute, they play together a lot and always hug and kiss eachother goodbye. Tj also has decided to MARRY this little girl! It sounds like he has a better plan then most 18 yr olds trying to get married.
I asked him what he thought would happen after the wedding. I was dying to know what his idea of marriage was. TJ told me that he would move into her house because he felt she should be near her Mommy. And then he would get a job doing Construction so he could buy her food.
Then there is Little Guy... So far he hasn't chosen one woman for him. We were parked outside of Tj's school a few days ago, it was raining so we couldn't walk. Little Guy started asking me to roll down the window. There was a cute little girl outside that he wanted to say Hi to, ask her name, and talk to. Um, what? I said No, I am not rolling down the window so you can talk to that little girl. A blonde walked up, and he asked if he could talk to her instead!
This morning as we were driving to the gym he spotted ANOTHER little girl and told me she was really cute!
There is going to be TROUBLE when he hits kindergarten next year. I just know the hubster and I will be called to the office because Little Guy is going to be caught kissing his classmates!
With the boys I never dealt with them shoving anything up their noses. I was always a little worried when we introduced them to Legos, thankfully not a one of those little pieces made their way up there. Then this morning, my sweet precious angel, the Princess, shoved a piece of Poptart up her nose! How the heck am I supposed to get that out? I put her on her back in my lap and kept telling her to tip her head back. For some reason she took that to mean stick her tongue out. Some of it came out with tweezers, but most of it is still up there! UGH! I am going to try something a friend of mine suggested. Get her to sneeze by smelling pepper! I will let you know how it turns out...

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sarahgrace said...

Ha ha! It looks like your princess is more of a handful than the two boys, as is the case in my house! Hope the pepper works. (and at least it's a poptart, Selah decided to shove well... the contents of her diaper up her nose one morning. SO GROSS!!!)