Thursday, September 3, 2009

Train Wreck

So I have to say that contrary to popular belief, girls are not easier to potty train! I have trained my two boys. With my oldest, as soon as I got down to "business" with him, he was trained. Then Little Guy, was literally trained in 2 days. With him I took the Naked Potty Training approach. I knew he was ready because one day he took off his diaper and came and handed me POOP! He was in tears. I took him to the bathroom, put it in the toilet, and flushed. Explaining the entire time how the potty was where the poo went. We had one pee accident after that, but all in all, that was IT!
So now The Princess has given me signs that she is ready. She knows when she is wet and wants me to change her diaper. And has gone on the potty, and her potty chair, several times. Most of the time, however, she pees on the floor. Yesterday it was with in 2 feet of her potty chair! So at least we are getting closer. I have promised Jelly Beans and candy pumpkins. I have had her older brothers use her potty and then ceremoniously given them each a treat. We even had one of her little friends do it! To no avail!
I thoroughly believe she is just doing it out of stubborness. She will sit on her potty and "try", and literally 5 minutes later she does it on my floor, or better yet, the table! At least urine is sterile.

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sarahgrace said...

Well, I've not had huge success with potty training any of my kids. I mean, the oldest two are trained, but it took some time and serious patience. Beau, who is 4 is still not night trained and has to sleep with a pull-up on. I've been wanting to train Selah, but I don't want to push her either. Plus, I'm a little worried that she'll regress once the baby comes, so part of me is like, "Why put in all that work right now?" I think I'd rather just have two in diapers than have to deal with all kinds of "fun" accidents at that time... he he. I haven't heard any fool proof method either. My own mom said she just let us girls watch her go to the bathroom and we immediately wanted to imitate her, and were trained that easily... who knows? LOL! If you find anything that works well though, please report!