Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Year

School year that is! TJ finally started Kindergarten this week. And is thoroughly enjoying himself. Of course, I have spent the last month pumping him up about it and how awesome its going to be. >wink< >wink< Seriously though, I couldn't be happier. Its full day Kindergarten, which from what I hear is a little unusual. TJ is ready for it though.
The only concern I really had was whether he would have a good teacher. The school he is going to has not had good reviews the past few years. And the first day was chaotic and confusing. They had the kids line up and said "Last chance to kiss and hug and say goodbye, cuz you won't see 'em until the end of the day" and in they went. It really bothered me I hadn't seen his classroom, or inside the school. With the exception of the office. So the next day, I went in with a friend of mine whose son is going there and asked flat out to see it.
I am now the room mom, made the first snacks of the school year (banana cupcakes with vanilla buttercream!) and will be assembling some reading books for the class! I hadn't planned on being super crazy involved, but if this is the only way I know whats going on, I will take it. Did I mention I am also in charge of planning the classroom Halloween party? Its going to be a busy year.... And next year, I get to do it all over again with Little Guy!

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sarahgrace said...

Yep, sometimes you just have to volunteer to see what's going on. That's what I did last year with Drew's class, and it was definitely some extra work, but I felt better about kind of having a handle on what school was like for him.