Friday, August 7, 2009

Baking News

Wow, two posts in one day. I have a ton of things going through my mind right now. Oddly enough, they are all bakery related. Putting it on hold like we did was painful. However, 18 days into Hubster being IA has proven to me that we really did make the right decision. I am sure we could have found a way to make it work, but the kiddos would have been put through the ringer I think.
So instead, the kiddos have my attention, and I can take in small to medium orders for birthdays and such. So far, I have completed one birthday order, a cake for twin boys first birthday, accompanying cupcakes, and a cake for their sister's birthday and cupcakes for her as well. From that, I picked up another birthday order. For the end of August, I will be doing Spiderman cupcakes! I am so EXCITED about that! There is just something about getting an order from someone who enjoyed the work you did for somebody else, ya know? Hopefully this will just explode into more orders, they may for the time being, come from our neighborhood, but business is business!
Not too long ago, I stumbled across this blog. It is exactly what I have been looking for. When this whole hare-brained idea formed in my head, I researched and researched online looking for info on how to start, plan and open a bakery. Ya know what? There isn't a whole lot to offer. I emailed bakeries I could find that had been opened by women, or families who wanted to do something different. I asked for advice, tips, hints. ANYTHING. What did I get? Nothing. So when I began reading this blog, I about fell off the bed. Its full of all kinds of good info. And has just got me itching to get back in gear. I have a plan... Oh yes I do. And while I have your attention here, my one reader you... My new website is going to be done shortly I think! I will also have a baking blog. Not quite sure how to run that one. Weirdly enough, I am not keen on sharing recipes, not sure why. But I do want to post about our journey to Bakery-Land. Lots of pics of tasty treats and probably stories of jobs and craft fairs. There have got to be other Chicks out there like me, wanting to open and run their own bakery, with no idea of what to do. Maybe, like Kari I will help someone too.

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