Friday, March 30, 2007

Tea Party Exclusive!

I realized this morning that I never regaled you all with tales of the Tea Party that I put together and hosted. Getting prepared for it was a little tough, what with hubby being out until Friday morning and my youngest being under the weather. I knew that on Monday I needed to start baking and preparing food for Friday afternoon. I may be the Queen of Procrastination in most areas, but when it comes to planning and executing events, I am ON TOP of things!
Monday, however, my plans were slightly skewed by the fact that the MIL was still here until that evening. I had envisioned in my mind, (silly me...) that she would want to hang out with the boys, pack her things, have a nice leisurely lunch and then in the late-afternoon, head out to the airport. Not so! I had explained in great detail what my week would entail. All the cooking, the preparations, the assembling of items. I had listed what I had planned on baking each day. That however did not make the slightest bit of difference. Instead we "toured" our fair city one last time. I am not joking you. This was not her first time, or even her second time here. We had been out and about ALL weekend long, since Friday. So Monday, while I was trying to work on a recipe for cheese savories, I could tell she was JUST itching to get moving. Now my theory on this is that because MIL is retired, and she used to spend her time teaching Content Mastery to the labeled "problem" children, she now has A LOT more energy. She is not teaching, or trying to deal with temper tantrums, she is traveling, and gardening, and dragging me all over town!
So after several shops, Target, WalMart, and 2 malls, I finally got her to the airport and the boys and I headed home. I spent much of the evening working on more food. The rest of the week was much the same. MOPS on Tuesday, which made it more difficult to get stuff done. But I managed thanks to Gods help, and a friend of mine coming over on Thursday to help me out. I had to scrap the Melting Moments because, 1. they just didn't taste right, and 2. They literally disinegrated in my hand when I would pick them up. I couldn't imagine what would happen if I tried to fill them with chocolate filling and smoosh them together! So I substituted in Chocolate and Vanilla Gooey Butter Cookies! YUM!
Now in light of my new Crazy Pregnant Brain, I forgot my camera! I will have to get some of the pics from the family. But everything looked GREAT! I used different tea cups and saucers for each of the girls, but had matching dessert plates and matching flatware. Then lots of silver trays with doileys and a tiered dessert tray with goodies on it! For favors I had found little tiny tea cup and saucers that I put little bottles of nailpolish and lipgloss in. And then American Girl Trading Cards! I also had sugar cubes with little blue flowers on them. Too SWEET!
The food was a hit, I was so happy with the reactions from everyone! The girls were cute, very polite and all dressed up in their best American Girl finery! I did a lesson on proper tea ettiquette. How to properly serve eachother tea and little cakes.
I am glad it is done, and I honestly couldn't have picked a better family to do it for. I am going to break down the cost of everything it took to bake everything, calculate the time I spent on it altogether, estimate rental costs for all my Tea items, and come up with a good package price for my website and business! I would love for this to be something I did regularly! I had a lot of fun!

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