Thursday, March 8, 2007

Calling ALL DIY Brides!

Alright, people, I rarely mix my business up here on the blogosphere, but I am looking for stories of DIY Brides. Either a few years ago, or in the process of planning your wedding and "Doing it yourself"! I am working on my second issue of my EZine, the focus of April being DIY making it fun, modern and funky. How to stay within your budget, knowing when to splurge and when to cut corners. This doesn't necessarily have to be wedding related, if you plan frequent events in your house, parties, birthday or otherwise, I would love to hear your tips for those as well. Do you have a FAVORITE recipe you use at parties, appetizers or otherwise, I would love to include some recipes as well! Leave me a comment or send me an email and we will go from there!!


Tonya said...

I remarried a year and a half ago.....we did everything ourselves as far as making decor, planning the menu and gathering all my very specific serving pieces. I did have someone do my flowers and the boutonneire's (spelling?) / corsages. It was work but worth it in the end. Maybe I can find the link to my pictures.....I also have two daughters so we incorporated them and went with very non-traditional music for the ceremony.

Heather said...

I wanted to come by and say hi. Your comment cracked me up! I love your blog. So colorful!

I can't help on this issue. I'm in the "run to Vegas" group. ha ha ha!