Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My TO DO LIST for the day

This week is shaping up to be fairly busy. My goal for yesterday was to get all the Christmas Decorations taken down and put away. Mainly because Damon was home to help. But you try and motivate a man who takes NO interest in putting up Christmas decorations. Apparently taking them down is on the same level as putting them up. He opted instead to put up the wallies in our boys room. Wallies are similar to wallpaper I guess. Only they are cutouts of different shapes or little pictures. The other day we had picked up some at Target. They are trains, planes, tractors, fire trucks and something I think is a concrete mixing truck? My youngest calls it a dump truck. Sure. And needless to say the Christmas decorations are still up. I did manage to get down an evergreen garland.
The decorations top my list of Things TO DO today.
The rest is as follows:
Finalize time for vendor meeting tomorrow afternoon
Work on Posh Project
finish up laundry and fold clothes/put away
vacuum house
sweep kitchen floor
change sheets on beds
find Valentines Day decorations and put those up
find my sisters new address
find time to take a REST!! (before bedtime)

Now I may or may not accomplish all that. But now it is out there, and I am more likely to work hard on it. Although I am hoping my challenge partner will read this, pop up on me and ask me how I am doing....
I am NOT taking down the tree, and I am NOT taking apart the crib, Damon can do those tomorrow!! That is HIS TO DO LIST!!
Whats on yours?

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